Doug Resh

Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Woodspur Farms, LLC: Coachella, CA

Years in Produce:

Age: 38

Personal Information:

Married; One daughter

Hobbies: Home gardening; hiking and beach with family and dogs; traveling; Board Member – California Date Commission; Board Member – California Date Administrative Committee; Southwest Marketing Network – Farm to School Program – Regional Advisory Committee; Coach – Miracle League of San Diego; Coach – Special Olympics

Motto in life: Always try something twice because the first time might have been a mistake.

Work History:

Resh started his career with Food Export USA-Northeast, helping small to midsize companies facilitate export marketing programs. He then owned an import/export company, as well as a food brokerage. After selling the businesses, he worked in sales, helping a company develop food systems into school districts on the West Coast. After taking a pair of sales manager jobs at Inabata (LaJolla, CA) and Roquette (Geneva, IL), he was recruited to work for Woodspur as director of ingredient sales. He was promoted to vice president of sales and marketing and has since led the entire sales team, R&D, and procurement. He was nominated in 2017 as TurningPoint Executive – Southern California Sales & Marketing Leader Award – Semifinalist. He has a masters degree in Food Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and a bachelor’s degree in International Business/International Studies from Millersville (PA) University.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Are you a Gen X-er or Millennial?

I resonate closer to the Gen X-er mentality, which for me means nose-to-the-ground work ethics while evolving  working relationships.

Q: What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started your career?

I wish I knew that I didn’t have all the answers so I could have asked more questions. ‘Speak less and listen more’ is what I look for now in hiring candidates. 

Q: What aspect of the business challenged you the most early on?

Learning “we’ve always done it that way.” I’m a disruptor, I challenge the status quo, ask questions of why things are done a certain way and then ask if there are better solutions.

Q: What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?

The role I’ve served in Woodspur, including hopefully being a leader to my team and company. When I took over this position, our team grew the sales revenue over 750 percent in the first nine months and shook the market on date supply.

Q: What has surprised you about the produce industry?

The occasions I have met some amazing people across the world from a product called a date. When I first started, I thought to myself, “How many people really buy dates and how am I going to create a presence in the ingredient space with dates?” It turns out a lot of people love dates!

Q: What industry improvements would you like to see?

I’d love to see more technology in the industry as well as a better understanding of food science-related innovation.

Q: What was the “aha” moment when you knew produce was the best industry for you?

The first time I went to Chile to look at blueberries and strawberries directly from the growers farms and seeing their packing houses, I thought to myself, “wow this industry touches so many people’s lives and I’m standing here in Chile getting the opportunity to touch and eat in another major growing region of the world.”