Articles by Jim Prevor

Right Man For The Right Time

Bob Carey was the chief staff officer for the Produce Marketing Association and its predecessor organizations for nearly 40‭ ‬years‭. ‬He shepherded the organization through… Read More

Why Industry Relationships Matter

What have we learned in publishing Produce‭ ‬Business‭ ‬for more than three decades‭? ‬A bunch‭ ‬‮…‬‭ ‬and especially this‭: ‬When all is said and done‭,… Read More

Smoke-and-Mirror Retailing

When an external enemy attacks‭, ‬it tends to create a response‭. ‬Look at how Wal-Mart‭, ‬most recently with its acquisition of‭, ‬is consciously trying to… Read More