Convenience Items In Produce Critical To Tapping Guacamole Popularity

A Mix of Convenience

Guacamole is going mainstream quickly, which means consumers will look at flavor variations as they do with everything from salsa to potato chips. But they’re also likely to want convenience, which makes flavor packets another consumer choice.

Concord Food, Brockton, MA, has marketed guacamole mixes for over 15 years and has enjoyed sales gains as guacamole’s popularity has advanced, says Samantha McCaul, company marketing manager. That’s been particularly true during the COVID-19 pandemic, when consumers stuck at home looked for ways to make those dishes more varied and fun, McCaul says.

And, as guacamole has become more popular, regional preferences and taste profiles have emerged.

So, McCaul notes, Concord has developed five guacamole mix products including, “Concord Fresh Success Mild and Extra Spice, which is very popular on the East Coast and Midwest; Authentic Guacamole, which is in the Texas market; and Classic Mild and Extra Spicy Guacamole Mixes, which are popular on the West Coast.”

Each of the mixes makes two cups of guacamole dip or about 16 servings, she says.

Sales are usually high during holidays and events such as Super Bowl and Cinco de Mayo McCaul says. “However, this year we experienced record sales during these periods due to families continuing to celebrate at home instead of going out to parties/restaurants.”

Retailers can drive sales by supporting guacamole mixes with regular and special occasion promotion.

“Retailers have familiarized consumers with guacamole mix using POS, circulars and social media,” McCaul says. “Sales spike is greatest on Super Bowl and Cinco de Mayo, but we also see sales spikes during other events such as Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day and New Year’s.

“When families and friends come together for events, we’re seeing guacamole making the menu, that’s why sales have been increasing during these periods.”