Cranberries Sizzle During the Fall

Building Attractive Holiday Table Decorations By Moving Cranberries into the Floral Department

The impressive color of cranberries can help supermarkets leverage interest in and see more cranberry sales through the floral department.

To help retailers incorporate cranberries into their floral departments, which are often adjacent to the produce aisle, the Cranberry Marketing Committee, based in Wareham, MA, has developed a handout and video that shows shoppers how they can enhance their store-bought floral arrangements with fresh cranberries.

The committee has expanded fresh cranberries’ in-store footprint, bridging into floral departments. “Beyond food, fresh cranberries are a decorative secret weapon,” says Karen Cahill, the committee’s marketing director. “With their bright-hued reds and pearl-like shape, cranberries enhance tablescapes, brighten floral and candle arrangements, and bejewel wreaths and garlands.”

Moving cranberries into floral helps sales, says Barry Botelho, director of sales development for Decas Farms Cranberries, Carver, MA. “Produce buyers who also buy for floral should merchandise some fresh cranberries in floral refrigerators for decorators,” he says. “Displays demonstrating how they can be used to make striking holiday decorations like centerpieces and wreaths could help enhance the consumer experience and get shoppers in a holiday mood.”