Make the Most of This Year’s Mexican Mangos

Keep Educating Your Team and Your Customers

Mangos are the most consumed fruit in the world, and while widely recognized as a familiar, year-round offering in practically every U.S. produce department, there are still many Americans who have yet to try one. Education — both in-store and online — is key to breaking through the resistance.

“There are plenty of opportunities to educate consumers about mangos, from highlighting their versatility to nutritional benefits to how to choose and cut,” says Jessica Bohlman, NMB’s communications manager. “Be sure your customers know how the flavor of mango complements many foods, including grilled meats such as chicken, pork and lamb, or as a marinade or sauce, or in other savory dishes in addition to more traditional recipes like smoothies and desserts. Especially heading into some bigger holidays like Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and the summer grilling season, remind them mangos can make a delicious addition to any menu.”

“Educated consumers might also try mangos as people in Asian communities prefer to eat them — green with salt, using them in salads instead of leafy greens,” adds Luis Cintron of J&C Tropicals.

“The National Mango Board is a great resource for retailers and consumers looking for information on everything mango,” says JoJo Shiba of GM Produce Sales. “ hosts a collection of videos, recipes and nutritional information that retailers can use both in-store and on social media platforms. It’s a great way to connect with customers and provide value-added information.”

“The Mango Board does a great job with putting out educational material,” echoes Chris Ciruli of Ciruli Bros. “They’re the go-to resource.”

“2020 was an incredible year for mangos on social media,” says Shiba. “We saw hundreds of posts of new and innovative ways of preparing and eating mangos from kids, foodies and celebrities. Consumers have a real connection to mangos and love posting pics of beautiful dishes as well as mangos organically enjoyed in other countries. Retailers should consider posting more mango recipes, photos and ideas on their social media platforms to engage more customers and promote throughout the season.

“Mangos have become the new, trendy ‘it fruit’ on the market. We expect to this hot trend to continue into 2021 and mango momentum to continue to grow.”