Produce Quiz Winner: SARAH GARTSIDE

Sales Representative
Sun Valley International
Collingwood, NJ

Sarah Gartside worked in the logistics industry until she found herself caring for a family member who required a very specific diet of fruits and vegetables.

This experience made an impression, and as they say, “numbers don’t lie.” This was no exception and inspired her transition, both personally and professionally.

After her career switch into the produce industry, she says, “Produce isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle, and huge focal point on a personal level in making a small impact of something so much bigger and impactful from the grower to consumer.”

Gartside now is a sales representative with Sunny Valley International, and her typical day is filled with a tasks centered around internal and external operations, learning about new processes, gathering updates from growers and exporters, analyzing trends, and speaking with customers and potential buyers.

When asked about her hobbies, Gartside replies, “Does sharing a good meal with great company or trying new foods count as a hobby? If so, sign me up!”

She also enjoys traveling, snowboarding, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, reading and gardening.
Gartside says her favorite thing about Produce Business is the in-depth coverage. “The amount of time poured in by the team makes it clear that in a fast-moving and ever-changing industry, you can always count on the crucial coverage and information from every aspect and region. Details are everything, and this publication gets that.”


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