Spring Merchandising Guide: Maximize Sales By Spotlighting New Crops and Holidays

Spring Holiday Promotional Opportunities

Horseradish is often associated with Passover and its use as a bitter herb showcasing dishes for the occasion, but a range of consumers these days have come to appreciate it for its flavor and accessibility.

Dennis Diekemper, operations manager for J.R. Kelly, says Passover continues to be the major holiday occasion for horseradish but adds, “Easter is just as big now.”

Although its use may continue in the Passover context with the greens attached, horseradish has additional applications that anyone can appreciate. The attraction is especially strong for foodies who are constantly looking for new ways to add excitement to cooking, he says. Not only that, but cocktail connoisseurs can use horseradish in cocktails for some extra punch.


Easter, Mother’s Day and Earth Day are also spring holidays high on the list for important produce promotions. “For Easter and Mother’s Day, Fresh Del Monte recognizes the importance of gathering family together for celebrations,” says Pablo Rivero, Del Monte vice president of marketing, North America, Coral Gables. “For these types of occasions, Fresh Del Monte annually highlights vegetable party trays, which include a host of freshly cut vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, sliced bell peppers, grape tomatoes and sugar snap peas.”

Additionally, Del Monte encourages consumers to “think pink” this Mother’s Day and give the one-of-a-kind “Jewel of the Jungle,” Pinkglow pineapple. “Grown in the Costa Rican jungle, this exotic pineapple acts as a unique and creative gift that will wow mothers this Mother’s Day,” says Rivero.

As for Earth Day, Rivero says Del Monte commits to planting and/or donating 2.5 million trees by 2025, in addition to the 864,167 trees planted since 2016.”

When Cinco de Mayo rolls around, US shoppers start thinking about festivities with a little more spice and getting outdoors. If not exactly seasonal, guacamole certainly gets a lift in profile during a Cinco de Mayo holiday that is getting more broadly celebrated across the United States.
Del Monte has relaunched its Homestyle Guacamole in a variety of new flavors in plenty of time to establish the product range for Cinco de Mayo and grilling season.

“As one of North America’s leading marketers and distributors of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, Fresh Del Monte has ensured its revamped Homestyle Guacamole pays homage to authentic Mexican guacamole,” says Rivero.

“Available in a variety of new flavors such as Jalapeño & Tomato, Classic Lime & Garlic, Mango & Lime and Black Bean & Corn, Fresh Del Monte’s high-quality ingredients incorporate the fresh taste and texture of a homemade guacamole without the hassle, perfect for a delicious and authentic Cinco de Mayo.”

In addition to its own efforts, Del Monte is cooperating with retailers to boost the promotional opportunity associated with the holiday.

“For this upcoming Cinco de Mayo, Fresh Del Monte is working closely with a handful of retailers to create a program consisting of coupons, recipes and digital adverts,” Rivero says. “We are also partnering with local and national influencers to generate brand awareness surrounding our product offerings to complement any Cinco de Mayo celebration. The brand is also looking to launch a new modular display at select retailers to better showcase its avocado selection ahead of the holiday. We find it essential to keep moving various products in and out of focus, so each produce piece gets some time in the spotlight.”