The Vanguard Award – 35 Innovators Who Shaped the Industry

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    As we celebrate 35 years of publishing PRODUCE BUSINESS, we want to honor the PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THE INDUSTRY OVER THE PAST 35 YEARS.

    Since 1985, when PRODUCE BUSINESS was founded, our industry has seen tremendous strides in product development, technology, packaging, marketing and overall leadership in the quest to increase produce and floral consumption. None of these accomplishments could have been achieved without the vision of a man or woman who stood out amongst the crowd.

    Even though some of these people may no longer be living, PRODUCE BUSINESS wishes to honor these giants whose shoulders we stand on today.

    We are now accepting nominations for the 35 Vanguards of the Industry. Honorees will be selected based on their accomplishments, demonstrated industry leadership and industry contributions.

    To nominate someone, please fill out the electronic form and then click on the button below. The more information we learn about the candidate, the better we can ascertain his or her merits in deciding who will be amongst the 35 Vanguards of the Industry. (It will not be an easy task to make this decision, so please help us learn as much as possible about your candidate’s contribution to our industry’s growth.)

    Deadline is August 1, 2020

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