What Is Innovation?

Babé Farms CaliCabbage

Babé Farms

Santa Maria, CA

Grown by Babé Farms, CaliCabbage by Home Plate! is the first of a new line of veg-centric meal kits designed for at-home chefs of all skill levels. The kit contains one Babé Farms Honey Cone Cabbage, croutons, Danish Bleu cheese dressing and Susie Q’s brand garlic seasoning. Grill it, sear it, roast it or wrap it.

Gold Coast Riced Vegetable Sides

Gold Coast Packing

Caulifornia Riced Vegetable Sides
Santa Maria, CA

Jumping on the cauliflower craze, Gold Coast Packing’s Caulifornia Riced Vegetable Sides allows consumers to eat healthy without giving up on fresh flavor. The company’s new Caulifornia line contains 100 percent riced vegetables accompanied by a flavorful sauce, allowing it to be paired with any protein. The line includes Garlic Herb, Spanish Rice and Ginger Garlic.