What Is Innovation?

Green Giant Spaghetti Squash

Green Giant Fresh/Growers Express

Peeled and Cut Spaghetti Squash
Salinas, CA

Green Giant Fresh brings the ultimate in nutritious convenience with new peeled and chopped Spaghetti Squash. This unique and versatile product significantly reduces prep and cook time, offering healthy pasta swap options. The squash chunks can be microwaved right in their resealable pouch, then crushed by hand in the package or poured out and shredded. The squash texture — similar to angel hair pasta — offers a healthy, low-carb base to pair with favorite toppings.

Love Beets - Marinated Beets

Love Beets

Marinated Beet Products
Rochester, NY

Love Beets makes ready-to-eat, all-natural beets that are no mess and no fuss. The Love Beets brand was cultivated when the Shropshire farming family, known for growing vegetables in England, wanted to find a way to attract the young generation to beets, while captivating the existing beet lovers with something new. The Shropshires experimented with unique marinated beet recipes, and today the line offers Sweet Chili, Honey & Ginger, White Wine & Balsamic and Mild Vinegar Beets, as well as cooked beets — conventional and organic — beet salsa and beet powder.