What Is Innovation?

Mann's Nourish Bowls

Mann Packing Co.

Nourish Bowls
Salinas, CA

This award-winning line of single-serve, warm meals with fresh vegetables, grains and sauce was developed by an expert panel of chefs. The newest addition to the line is Spicy Thai Veggie Noodle. It is the first product to feature fresh kohlrabi noodles — one of the world’s oldest vegetables — fresh kale and carrots, a spicy Thai sauce and toasted, sweetened coconut flakes for topping.

Mastronardi Produce Sunset Sweet Bites

Mastronardi Produce

Sunset Sweet Bites
Kingsville, Ontario, Canada

Sunset Sweet Bites is a unique pail filled with sweet, little tomatoes that are ideal for anytime snacking. Each pail contains a bonus Sunset Snack Pack, the perfect tomato carrier for lunches, adventures and on the go.