Most Innovative Dining Outlets 2024

  • We’re looking for nominations on which outlet you believe is the PRODUCE BUSINESS Most Innovative Dining Outlets for 2024.

    Please take a moment to provide your nominations for Most Innovative Dining Outlets of 2024 in our survey. We’ll profile all winners in a future issue of PRODUCE BUSINESS.

    As always, thank you for your continued support of the PRODUCE BUSINESS mission to increase produce consumption across our entire industry by showcasing THE BEST OF THE BEST.

    Ken Whitacre
    Publisher/Editorial Director

  • Question:
    What are the most significant accomplishments that warrant recognition as the Most Innovative Dining Outlet? Areas of focus might include:
    1. Successful management and marketing of produce items that inspire patrons to eat more fruits and vegetables.
    2. Menu or concept development with emphasis on produce.
    3. Unique presentation or preparation of fruits or vegetables.
    For each major accomplishment, please tell the whole story including the impact on the diners.
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