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What’s wrong with this picture? Tomatoes in the refrigerator are a cardinal sin in the produce industry. In addition to industry efforts to reduce produce waste, consumers are still familiarizing themselves with ways to get the best use of their fruits and vegetables at home and prevent spoilage. PRODUCE BUSINESS recently examined the impact spoilage has on produce consumption — and opportunities that are lost to feed people who are food insecure — with a three-part editorial series. Through the lens of spoilage at home, at retail and at farm level, we explored solutions available at every juncture to prevent spoilage and convert waste.

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The South Florida Food Scene

By Linda Brockman

PRODUCE BUSINESS recently profiled a selection of restaurants spanning the geographical stretch from Miami up to West Palm Beach that use produce in eclectic and unconventional ways. Here is a snapshot of five establishments that caught our attention. (Restaurants arranged alphabetically.)


Promoting Southern Fruit

A look at the best ways to market fruit from the South.

By Keith Loria

Winter is now behind us, which means consumers are flocking to their local retail grocery store to get the freshest peaches, melons, specialty berries and other southern fruit offerings that arrive with the coming of spring.

Starting in early May, southern fruit begins shipping to stores throughout the East Coast and this is the ideal time for retailers to begin planning and promoting the fruit for the months ahead


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PRODUCE BUSINESS is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. We thought it would be apropos to reach out to produce veterans in retail who also have 30 years of experience in the industry so they could share their wisdom and provide food for thought on the future. Each issue of PRODUCE BUSINESS this year includes another viewpoint from a produce enthusiast, so enjoy these Q&A’s with more to follow.

Ed Corvelo
Mike O’Brien
Roger Pepperl


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