A Spotlight On FreshPoint’s Local Program

By Mindy Hermann, RD

FreshPoint is North America’s leading fresh produce distributor and a subsidiary of Sysco. With $4.2 billion in annual purchasing power and industry-leading traceability technology, FreshPoint offers large-scale and deep resources to its customers and vendors.

With its strong commitment to helping local markets grow, FreshPoint plays an active role in connecting farmers with its foodservice customers in hospitals, retail, restaurants, schools and universities. Customers are demanding more local and sustainably produced foods, requiring FreshPoint to work through its distribution network to bring farm-fresh produce to the plate in both commercial and non-commercial settings.


Parkside 23

From Farm To Table To Table In Farm

By Chris Auman

The Milwaukee suburb of Brookfield lies just west of city in Waukesha County. It is in this town with a population just under 40,000 that you’ll find a unique twist on the farm-to-table concept.

Launched six years ago by the DeRosa Corporation, which operates 10 restaurants in southeastern Wisconsin, Parkside 23 offers a very literal interpretation of fresh, seasonal and locally sourced: guests can actually see the farm where much of their seasonal ingredients are sourced. In the summer they can eat right there in the field. 


Spotlight On Mexican Growers: Grupo Agros Makes US Its Export Focus

By Steven Maxwell

Grupo Agros is far from a conventional fresh produce grower-exporter. Originally established in 1992 with the aim of seeking investment opportunities in agriculture, Grupo Agros’s reach stretches across sectors, from salads for the domestic market and export through tomatoes to Christmas tree and natural rubber production. Although based in Mexico City, the company operates in sites throughout the country, covering Chiapas in the far south up to central Querétaro state. 


Spotlight on Mexico: Two Avocado Producers Aim For Export Diversification

By Steven Maxwell

Like many companies of its kind in Mexico, Sonora-based tomato producer Chucho Produce is overwhelmingly focused on the North American market, namely the U.S., and to a lesser, extent Canada. What arguably separates the company from its peers, however, is its ambition. Rather than being content with its current position, Chucho is actively seeking to expand into new markets, particularly in Asia, and is developing convenient packaging options for its U.S. clients. 


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Produce Business | Floral Business 30 Years
PRODUCE BUSINESS is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. We thought it would be apropos to reach out to produce veterans in retail who also have 30 years of experience in the industry so they could share their wisdom and provide food for thought on the future. Each issue of PRODUCE BUSINESS this year includes another viewpoint from a produce enthusiast, so enjoy these Q&A’s with more to follow.

Craig Carlson Craig
Ed Corvelo Ed
Bob DiPiazza Bob

Dave Diver Dave
Brian Gannon Brian
Don Harris Don

Michael Mockler Michael
Tom Murray Tom
Mike O'Brien Mike

Roger Pepperl Roger
Jim Richter Jim
Randy Scott Randy

Jeff Shilling Jeff
Dick Spezzano Dick

Steve Williams Steve
Joe Watson Joe
Will Wedge Will


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