‘Total Recall’

Practice, practice, practice helps ease the pain of product recalls.

By Mark Hamstra

Having to conduct a product recall is never easy, but there are steps produce companies can take to make the process go smoothly. Chief among these protocols is practice. Experts say merely having a food safety plan, or even a detailed plan on how to conduct a recall, is no substitute for conducting full-blown recall simulations.

“It really comes down to planning and preparedness,” says Amy Philpott, vice president of crisis services and reputation management at Watson Green LLC, Washington, D.C. “There is no secret recipe or magic to it. It’s hard work and investment up front.”


‘Hot’ For Produce

Fruits and veggies are vital drivers in South Florida’s economic boom.

By Keith Loria

If one were to take a microscopic look at the headlines of South Florida’s media coverage through the decades, one would see everything from drug wars, to sports championships, to hurricanes, to booming growth of high-rise architecture. In fact, during the past 25to 30 years, surprisingly to some, the area has become one of the most popular places for businesses to set up shop.

And while you may not have seen much produce featured in the stories on ’80s TV favorite Miami Vice, it was about that time that many of today’s successful South Florida produce companies started to make their way to the region, creating a cornucopia of produce excellence.


Nogales Spring Vegetables

An abundance of fresh vegetables makes spring profits blossom for retailers with expanding variety and timing, but keep an eye on El Nino 

By Jodean Robbins

The Nogales spring vegetable deal helps retailers provide consistent, healthy veggies to customers at an opportune time of year. “The Spring deal complements the winter vegetable deal,” says Chris Ciruli, chief operating officer of Ciruli Bros. in Nogales, AZ. “It provides continuous supply through the spring from what was available in winter.”

Redner’s Markets in Reading, PA, counts on the Nogales deal to keep pricing and supply steady. “This deal represents a lot of extra sales for us,” says Richard Stiles, director of produce and floral. “We get better price points due to availability and every year the quality is better and better.”


International Source

Stringent and nebulous requirements challenge exports to Pacific Rim Asia even as trade agreements pursue fairness and continuity.

By by Jodean Robbins
Photo Courtesy of Seald Sweet

Though viewed as a general market area, Pacific Rim Asia presents a hodgepodge of varying cultures, political systems and regulations, making it challenging to identify export requirements. “You can’t lump Asia into a large group and say the regulations and standards are higher across the board,” states Richard Owen, vice president of global business development for the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) in Newark, DE. “Different countries have different levels of standards.”

These variances present inimitable trials for exporting. “Meeting different regulations for every country can be challenging,” reports Jo Ann Carbone, export manager for Seald Sweet in Vero Beach, FL. “But it is attainable, especially through experience.”


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PRODUCE BUSINESS is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. We thought it would be apropos to reach out to produce veterans in retail who also have 30 years of experience in the industry so they could share their wisdom and provide food for thought on the future. Each issue of PRODUCE BUSINESS this year includes another viewpoint from a produce enthusiast, so enjoy these Q&A’s with more to follow.

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