I got to know Jim during the Spinach Crisis of 2006. I was managing the company at the center of the crisis at the time, so I can speak first-hand about what happened and how much help Jim graciously provided. His platform was one of the few publications that focused on the facts and resolutions our company and the industry were taking instead of just looking for “sound bites” like most of the other publications. Few realize how much this helped the produce industry. I kept in touch with Jim on other projects over the years, and I always benefited from his perspective.

If ever there was a true pioneer in the industry, it was Jim Prevor. He will be missed.

Eric Schwartz, CEO, Eckert Frozen Foods

On behalf of the floral and foliage farms of Certified American Grown, please allow me to express our most sincere condolences for Jim’s untimely passing. It is with sadness that we share feelings of comfort for family, friends and colleagues, as well as with incredible appreciation for the vision, commitment and tenacity to be a champion on the industry. It is comforting to know that Jim’s legacy will be felt for many, many years to come and that the entire industry and community are better for it.

Cameron King, CEO & Ambassador Certified American Grown

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to the Prevor family. Such a shock. I had the pleasure meeting Jim at a U.C. Davis post-harvest Extension class, a few Sundays ago. Jim shared some thoughts that steered us toward to a higher level of food safety. I have always enjoyed Jim’s straightforward views on food safety and recalls. Most recently, I enjoyed sharing thoughts on fleet electrification.

Steve Del Masso, Bay Cities Produce Inc.

I am very saddened to hear about Jim Prevor’s passing. I always found his articles entertaining and spot on. There was no one like him before, and it is likely there will be no one like him again. Rest in peace, sir.

Mark Skurnik, Find Food Bank

Jim was one of the most interesting and inquisitive gentleman I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. A good and respected friend.

Mike Buszuwski

This is heartbreaking news. “Industry Icon” does not do Jim nearly enough justice. He was a consummate professional, a staunch advocate for the industry, a keen ear to listen to challenges, a keen eye to identify opportunities, a strong shoulder to lean on for advice, a voice to lend in keeping our produce industry thriving — from field to fridge, from farm to fork.

Heartfelt thoughts and prayers to his family — thank you for sharing Jim Prevor with all of us!

Chris Keetch, The GIANT Company

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim at Cornell this spring while enrolled in the IFPA Executive Leadership program. On the first night, our class, professors and instructors (Jim being one of them) had dinner together. After dinner, Jim came up to me to introduce himself. Of course, I knew who he was, but I was blown away that I was on his radar. He said: “Don’t tell my wife, but I wake up to you each morning on LinkedIn.” We chuckled. This seemingly insignificant comment affirmed that my marketing approach on LinkedIn was effective and gave me a great boost of self-confidence. I also had the opportunity to attend my first New York Produce Show last December and was amazed to see Jim orchestrate the show.

My deepest condolences to all those who were close to him. I know he leaves a big void in the produce industry.

Kim Chackal, Equifruit

My heartfelt condolences to Jim’s family and his colleagues at PRODUCE BUSINESS. He was, indeed, an industry icon. More importantly, he loved his family and that love shone brightly. He will be missed!

Mark Erickson, Blue Book Services

To say Jim Prevor was a force in the industry would be a huge understatement. He was dedicated to the industry, and an astute judge of character. I will miss his friendship. My deepest condolences to Debbie, his family and his colleague, Ken.

Kevin Donovan, Phillips Mushroom Farms

As I’m sure is the case for the rest of the produce industry, we at the Eastern Produce Council (EPC) are trying to absorb the very sad news about Jim Prevor. A loyal friend, EPC Hall of Fame honoree and integral part of our organization, there don’t seem to be words appropriate to cover the scope of what Jim has meant to us. His passion for this industry and advocacy in all things to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism will not be easily replaced.

With that in mind, the greatest homage that we can pay Jim is to celebrate his life, his professional accomplishments, and the deep love he had for his family and friends. Jim had a special gift for making anyone he was interviewing or engaging with feel comfortable, relevant and valued. He gifted us with the ability to carry on when the loss of his presence leaves us all speechless. Our goal should be to appreciate the gift of being together and cherish the time that we are able to spend with each other this year, keeping Jim and his family in our hearts.

Marianne Santo, President, and
Susan McAleavey Sarlund, Executive Director, Eastern Produce Council

My heart breaks to hear about Jim Prevor’s passing. Jim’s personality was larger-than-life and there never will be anyone like him. Where Jim Prevor stood, attention always followed.

Jim was quick to encourage me on my journey. He was among the first industry leaders to recognize The Produce Moms’ accomplishments and take me under his wing. Jim’s publications, events, media and recognitions fostered both community and healthy competitiveness within our industry. In short, Jim made us all better. Something I’ll miss the most: Asking Jim about his wife and children and hearing the great updates on his sons’ lives. Nothing made him prouder than being William and Matthew’s father.

Lori Taylor, Founder and CEO, The Produce Moms

I remember Jimmy when I was partners with Mike Prevor at Prevor Mayrsohn in the produce division on Row A with Jojo Buonomo Sr., Guy Buonomo Sr. and Joe Buonomo (they were my uncle and cousins). Jim would come downstairs and stay next to me and my family and stand by the fire can and watch us sell fruit. His father said to him ‘Stay next to Joe Russo and watch him sell the fruit.’ At that time, we were moving 80,000 to 90,000 boxes of fruit a week and Mike Prevor said that was amazing. Not a box short ever.

May He Rest In Peace.

Joe Russo, A Trading

Our deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to the entire Prevor family for this enormous loss. You are in our thoughts as you go through a very difficult time. Jim was a lightning rod for the produce industry and will be dearly missed.

Ken Gray, Bushwick Potato Company

I’m a mid-sized stone fruit grower in California, and unfortunately we often have less contact with the realities of the produce world than we should. I got on the Perishable Pundit email list years ago, and enjoyed Jim’s insights ever since, helping me gain a greater sense of the world we deal with, if from a distance. I was saddened to see the news today, and wanted those who loved him to know that even those of us who didn’t know him share in this sadness, and truly appreciated the insights he has shared with us over the years. His passion came across through the written word, which is a gift unto itself.

John Warmerdam, Kings Orchards LLC

Jim was wicked smart, always hospitable, and a true ambassador for our industry. Heartfelt condolences to his family and many industry friends. His smiling face is already missed.

Linda Luka, General Produce Company

What a marvelous man. He was a true visionary. I always believed we would have many more conversations. It was a privilege to know him.

Deepest sympathy to his family, friends, and all those who depended upon his incredible depth of knowledge, deep web of industry contacts, and positive nature.

Louise L. Schiavone

On behalf of everyone here at Fruitnet Media International, I want to express our sincere condolences for the loss of your colleague Jim. We are all deeply saddened to hear the news of his passing.

Mike Knowles, Fruitnet Europe

It is with heavy heart that I write this letter to the PRODUCE BUSINESS family. Our industry lost a great man and our most eloquent and thoughtful voice when we lost Jim Prevor.

I have known the Prevor family since 1989 and am very proud of the work we did together with Jim’s dad (RIP) and Jim’s brother Barry, whom I send my deepest sympathies to along with the extended Prevor family.

In later years, Jim and I, along with his very talented partner, Ken Whitacre, formed a special bond because of my admiration for Jim, and I will miss not being able to pick up the phone to speak with Jim for his wonderful insight and of course my visits in person any time I was passing through South Florida.
I always loved Jim’s magical way of giving the entire produce industry insight and thought-provoking commentary on the most important issues of our time.

William Cavan

Please accept our most sincere and deepest condolences to Debbie, William and Matthew, extended family, employees, co-workers and admiring friends. Jim was simply “A Giant” in our industry — a phenomenally gifted and brilliant person who was incredibly generous in actions and nature, very thoughtful and, at times, “pleasantly provocative.” I was always in awe of him and continually amazed at his ability to create, innovate and bring to reality his goals, thoughts and visions. He will be incredibly missed by all, but eternally remembered for his contribution and greatness in the produce industry and beyond.

Bob Corey, Corey Brothers

I am shocked to hear that Jim passed away. I remember him as a passionate man for the produce industry and have met him several times in London and Amsterdam.

My thoughts are with the family.

Ger van Burik, Holland Fresh Group

Sorry to hear of Jim’s passing. While now retired, I actively listened and read his works, which contributed to the industry. Rest in Peace, Jim, and thank you for your contributions.

Fred Reimers, Retired, Creative Foodsafe Solutions

Kind wishes and condolences to Jim’s family, and the entire Phoenix Media family. Jim has made a huge impact on the perishable industries, and our lives. We are thankful for his insights, energy, care and courage.

I will always cherish the memories of our times together, and his support through the share groups that he moderated. His legacy lives on through the wisdom he shared with us for so many years, and the positive changes spurred by his care and openness.

Phillip Brooks, Fresh Potential

I am so sorry to hear of Jim’s passing. I felt very lucky when he took over our distributor share group. I knew his passion and knowledge would take it to the next level. Please give my condolences to his family; he was very special.

Ernie Spada, United Salad

On behalf of my family and the Coosemans Worldwide team, our deepest condolences to Jim’s family and close friends. I was a fan of his work from an early age growing up in Salinas, and when I first met him in person in Miami, it was like reuniting with an old friend. May God give his family strength. Rest in peace, Jim. You’ll be greatly missed.

Claudia Miranda, Coosemans

So sad to learn of Jim’s passing. He was a true trailblazer in the produce industry. I had the pleasure of knowing him for a number of years. In fact, I invited Jim to speak at an NWPB board meeting several years ago. I always looked forward to reading his Perishable Pundit column that was insightful and direct. He will be missed.

Mark Arney, National Watermelon Promotion Board

How can we not remember him? His infectious enthusiasm for all things family, ag, and whatever outside course he was teaching or taking. His words of wisdom and guidance. His pride for his wife and boys and his love of life with them. His impact upon four generations of the Shandler family and so many other families. More feelings and memories are welling up inside, more specifics. But for now, we will all remember him in our own way, in a community way, and with pain in our hearts, but appreciation for having known him.

Carol Shandler, Shapiro-Gilman-Shandler Co.

The impact that Jim had on the produce industry, and me personally, can’t possibly be overstated. I can’t begin to count the times I reached out to Jim for his thoughts on an issue I was dealing with or observing. And regardless of where he was or what he was doing, he always took the time to offer his perspective and council. In over 50 years in the produce business, Jim was one of the most influential people in helping me to gain the perspectives I have to this very day. He will live in my mind and heart forever and it’s an honor to have called him friend.

Bruce Peterson, Peterson Insights

PRODUCE BUSINESS team and the Prevor family: Please accept my sympathies for the tremendous loss of Jim. He was such an icon of the industry, of the people and ultimately of the international produce business. I considered him my friend and I believe he felt the same about me. He was an amazing writer, communicator and had an unbelievable knack to get to the crux of an issue. Then, without hesitation, he would lay the issue out on the table for everyone in the industry to see and comment on. I could not wait to read the next issue that Jim focused on.

My fondest memories of him were watching him introduce the recipients of the 40-under-40 award. He was so proud of that program and the positive feelings that it created for everyone in the industry. With that program, he caused hundreds, if not thousands of individuals to aspire to be better, focus on self-improvement and become better individual and industry contributors. He simply gave every individual the opportunity to show who they really were and took the time to defend those who needed a little extra support. I can’t think of anyone else in the industry who had the wide array of impact that Jim did. He will truly be missed.

Jim Lemke

My heart is saddened as I hear about Jim’s passing. I’m sorry for your loss.

I flew from France along with my mom a couple years ago to attend the NY Produce Show for the very first time, and Jim made it possible. It was an amazing experience. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and will remember Jim as an overachiever.

May he rest in eternal peace. May the family be comforted through these rough times.

Ola Mongo

What devastating news on this November morning. Jim was always so full of enthusiasm and energy, I am caught completely off guard. We were in touch just one month ago, and I saw him in late summer when I joined the Global Grape Summit in Bakersfield on his invitation.

I will remember Jim as a friendly, warm and enthusiastic industry icon, a global thought leader, a moderator and bridge-builder between continents. A warm and caring person who was always friendly and generous, and helpful where needed.

He will be missed.

Stephan Weist, REWE Group

On behalf of the Leonard family, may I pass on our deepest condolences to Debbie, sons William and Matthew, and all staff of PRODUCE BUSINESS.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim and we were both fourth generation fruiters.

Our best regards and all our thoughts and prayers are with his family and business colleagues at this sad time.

Justin Leonard, Jackie Leonard & Sons

I am grateful Jim had his writers reach out to me, encouraging me to contribute commentary, then full-page essays and finally participating in his events. In an email exchange over a grape topic, Jim was particularly pleased with some insight, and informed me I was part of the NY Produce Show. “Just come and be you. Ask questions and make comments. You are the official humorist of the New York Produce Show.”

In August 2022, Jim put together the Global Grape Summit in Kern County, California. Sold Out. Over 400 attendees from 24 countries — in Bakersfield. Boom! The email I most remember was Jim informing me that a certain person would be on a panel. “So and so has joined the faculty.” The faculty? Yes — Jim Prevor thought of his events as a Produce University. Short courses designed to improve the world of produce. The curated expertise of the presenters and panelists he assembled were his faculty.

John Pandol, Pandol Bros.

May God be with Jim and give strength to his family.

Juan Pablo Mena, Dinant

A very sad day for the produce industry. Jim was a great man and a wise one. He always had insightful and useful comments. He will be greatly missed.

My prayers are with Debbie, William and Matthew. May all the good Jim did warm their heart and keep them strong.

Raul Fernandez, Thxdreams

Jim will be missed. His insights to the industry were invaluable, detailed, and sometimes provocative. He will be missed by an industry that strives on relationships and information. Jim taught. Yes, with Ken Whitacre he built a media presence in the industry. But Jim taught. He loved to bring people together in order to learn more and simply strived to make us all better at what we do. Jim’s presence and personality drew most people to immediately like him. He was a giver, a contributor, a supporter, a cheerleader, and a passionate advocate for the industry. Jim was a pillar of hard work and honesty. I had the honor of calling Jim a colleague, a mentor, and a friend. I have been blessed to know him.

Paul Kneeland, Gelson’s

Jim Prevor was so incredibly kind and generous to me professionally, and to many other Cornell professors and colleagues. Jim was hard-working, energetic, passionate and kind. His family was his greatest joy, and he was so proud of his wife and sons. My heart goes out to the family and the business during this difficult time.

Susan Brown, Cornell University

Jim and I were joined by our mutual appreciation for fresh fruits and vegetables. He was my go-to source for information about the industry and was unfailingly generous in helping me find out what I needed to know. This is such a great loss. I will miss him.

Marion Nestle, New York University, Professor Emerita

My heart is heavy thinking about the passing of Jim Prevor. Jim was a friend, a mentor and a promoter of ideas and people who progressed the industry forward.

Jim and I first met when I worked for Apio Produce Sales back in 1988. I was doing innovative marketing in fresh produce, and he always encouraged, promoted and covered my ideas in his media stories. We remained friends for 30 years, across multiple continents. When he came to New Zealand, he reached out and I had the joy of spending time with Jim’s son. He was a huge supporter of my ideas, and I am proud to say I spoke at every one of his events — New York, London and Amsterdam.

His insightfulness and early awareness of the power of online marketing and omnichannel selling led to his thought leadership in hosting the Amsterdam Omnichannel Produce event, and I was thrilled to speak on the impact of omnichannel on produce. While today omnichannel is the norm, back in 2017, it was the front edge of the curve — and of course, Jim was right there, leading from the front.

I feel like the industry has lost a visionary, a man with boundless energy and tireless passion for the work we all do. It is a sad day indeed.

Lisa Cork, Fresh Produce Marketing

What a loss to the intellectual world! I always enjoyed reading the Perishable Pundit for his profound insights on diverse topics. He was such a family loving model for many. I still recall he wrote with heart-warming emotions, sharing how he went a long way to bring his late dad to seek treatments and later how he mourned for him. A great man gone way too soon. His family, friends and produce industry have benefited so much from him and we will no longer be the same without him. You are deeply missed, Jim.

Tiffany Guan, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

Anytime I would encounter Jim, his presence and welcome was always personal — a local event in Boca Raton, the New York Produce Show or the London Produce Show or Global Grape Summit. Jim would speak and articulated the importance of remaining involved and the passion of produce and relationships in this large, yet intimate, industry. The Pundit — what a platform, which exemplified Jim’s expertise in the produce industry and other important world or personal events. I would be excited to read Jim’s next elegantly written piece with a very direct and thoughtful perspective that only Jim could express. Jim was impactful and I will miss his contribution. Jim will be remembered and missed by me and countless lives he touched.

Michael Warren, Central American Produce

Jim Prevor’s world didn’t much overlap with ours at Beverage Business Insights, but the produce expert’s business views were so astute that they helped inform our coverage and we occasionally picked up his words directly, as with his dazzling exposition of the multitudinous ways that Fresh & Easy fumbled the ball on its push into U.S. back in the mid-teens. And NY Produce Show he launched could yield a bounty of insight into innovation among its refrigerated bev exhibitors before they hit larger platforms like Expo West.

Gerry Khermouch, Beverage Business Insights

When I started in the produce industry in the late ’60s, Jim’s family and mine were friends, customers and competitors. Both companies were heavily involved in the expanding produce business in Puerto Rico. Jim later chose the publishing career and what a career it was. Just read his accomplishments. But more than anything, he was someone whose integrity and wisdom everyone respected. Few can match his contribution to the produce and other industries.

Zachary Schulman, New York Export Co.

To the Phoenix Media family, Jim Prevor’s family, and Ken Whitacre, we’d like to express our sincere condolences for the passing of Jim. He is in God’s embrace now.

We pray that all of you are surrounded by loved ones at this difficult time, and that Jim’s incredible heart and contributions will live in everyone’s memory and life.

Breny Brown, db design studio

We visited Jim in the hospital here in Miami the day of the massive stroke just moments after we left. His words were all kind. His love for his boys and Debbie. He only thought of his boys and his friends. A good man. We are grateful to have spent time with Jim. He was very kind to Sergio after his tragic accident and contributing to his fundraiser. I remember their wedding but most of all his 50th birthday, when Jim dressed as a Hawaiian dancer.

Big hugs, Jim, you will be missed.

Lisa and Sergio Echeverria, Beach Travel

At G’s, we are shocked to hear the sad news that Jim has died. It’s almost unbelievable — he was such a big character and impacted so many people’s thoughts and lives. It’s difficult to imagine a world without him. He wrote so beautifully, coupled with his brilliant insight and exceptional brain — the whole of the produce industry is going to be a different place without him.

For all those who were close to him, we can only imagine the gap that has appeared. The G’s Group and Love Beets teams extend our condolences to Jim’s family and our thoughts and prayers are with them.

John Shropshire, Chairman G’s Group

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Jim. He was a reference in the fresh produce industry, always leading new conversations and events to move the produce business ahead. We would like to send our condolences to his family and our deepest sympathy and unwavering support to all the team. For sure, his passion and entrepreneurship will be missed.

Marie-Anne de Bejarry, SNFL Group, Murcia, Spain

Jim and I have been associated professionally for many years. Jim always had a brilliant mind and was a truly kind, witty and caring person. I and our company admired him greatly. Each of us were saddened to hear of his passing.

If he was anything like his professional persona while at home, I bet he was the world’s greatest husband, friend and dad. I grieve with you. I wish you my warmest thoughts during these anxious and sad times.

Kathryn Grandy, the Cosmic Crisp Team at PVM

I am so sorry and sadden by Jim’s passing and I want to express my deepest condolences to the PRODUCE BUSINESS organization.

Charles Shafae, dProduce Man

When my husband, Jim Nolan, was at his lowest point as he battled an ethical issue in a lawsuit against his company, Jim Prevor bravely took up our cause. He published a series of PRODUCE BUSINESS articles, written by Bill Martin, which explained what we were facing.

After my husband’s death, when I had to take on the legal battle alone, Jim chronicled each step of the trial with articles in the “Perishable Pundit.” I could not have borne the weight of what I had to do without Jim Prevor. He was a hero; a true friend and I will be eternally grateful for his fearless support.

Sending my deepest sympathies and love to his wife, children and the PRODUCE BUSINESS family. I will never forget how he helped me. His death is a devastating loss for all of us.

Theresa Nolan, James and Theresa Nolan Family Foundation, Produce Buzz

Jim impacted my life and career in a profound way. During my stint as the West Coast editor for PRODUCE BUSINESS, Jim was a tough boss, but made me better. He challenged me in a supportive way; he gave me confidence and clarity. As tough of a boss as he was, he was an even better friend. Loyal, supportive and fun!

Jim and I grew up together in this industry. He was with me at the best of times (helping me introduce broccoli cole slaw at the FMI show on the same aisle as the Heineken and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream booths — no easy feat — we had some tough competition). He was with me at the worst of times — when my brother Joe passed away. I’ll never forget that morning, hearing his calm and soothing voice over the phone from 3,000 miles away. Steadfast and caring, he got me through.

Our industry is lucky to have the war chest of archives he has left behind for us. May we emulate his approach to problem solving.

I know in my heart, even with all of his awards and accolades, his proudest achievement was raising two amazing boys, William and Matthew, and sharing a life with Debbie. May you and the Phoenix Media family find comfort knowing Jim touched the lives of so many. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Lorri Nucci Koster

My deepest condolences for the loss of Jim, whom I remember as a wonderful, empathetic, intelligent and supportive person, who has offered us year on year a platform for our company Cool Fresh International B.V. from the Netherlands. With great pleasure, we have been part of produce shows in NY, London and Amsterdam, and these shows and Jim’s support have been an important part of our success. We will remember him for all the groundbreaking work he did for the international produce industry. Rest in peace, my friend, and thanks for everything you have done.

Hugo Vermeulen, Former CEO, Cool Fresh International B.V.

We at Freeman are so sorry to hear the news of Jim’s passing. He was such a kind soul and a pleasure to work with. We were always thankful and honored that he trusted Freeman enough, year over year, to continue working on the NY Produce Show. It’s been a pleasure to watch the show continue to grow and flourish. RIP, Jim, you will be missed.

Stephen Dorey, Freeman

I often asked Jim questions about business and the industry that I would never have had the courage to ask anyone else. He always answered thoughtfully and discreetly. If I am totally honest, his advice, although welcome, often made me think about and work through a problem much more deeply than I had intended. For that, I will always be grateful.

John Vena, John Vena, Inc.

I was shocked to learn through a colleague today that Jim had passed. I meet Jim in 2014 when I took a group of Newcastle University students to the New York Produce Show and Conference. He was extremely generous with us and sponsored another two groups of students to New York and then to London. Our students really enjoyed their experience and I leaned a lot from him.

This is a great loss to Jim’s family, but also to the industry. I am really deeply sorry to hear this news and send my deepest sympathy and condolences.

Diogo M. de Souza Monteiro, Newcastle University

It was very sad to hear of Jim’s untimely passing. Reading his obituary and accomplishments did not surprise me in the least, however, so wanted to share my small, but indelible, Jim Prevor story:

James (it wasn’t Jim back then) was two years behind me in Sigma Phi, our fraternity at Cornell. Eager to please the new president of the house (me), and ever the entrepreneur, James offered to have made, for $150, during the summer of 1980 a 2-inch thick, custom-fit, butcher block desktop for the window well for my upcoming senior year fraternity bedroom.

Production did not go as planned. First attempt: cracked and unusable. Second attempt: cracked and unusable. At first, James was shocked, dismayed even, that it didn’t work out. But then, undeterred, on the third try, the butcher block came back perfect! James had improvised, and figured out how to have the raw block cut in such a way to fit the window sill contour without cracking. His desk became my bedroom’s pièce de résistance, which made my senior year all the better. “The Desk” became a permanent fixture at Sigma Phi for many years, long after we both graduated.

I still think of James, despite 40+ years since last seeing him. While my overlap at Cornell with him (and Ken Whitacre) was short, Jim was a memorable, one-man tour de force, even as a 19-year-old rising college sophomore. There’s no doubt his legacy and spirit will stay with those who knew him forever. It has for me.

Michael McCully

On behalf of IFG, I want to express our deepest condolences to Jim’s family. Jim was one of the most talented and passionate people in the industry. He had a huge impact and presence in the produce community, and his absence will be felt by many.

I had the pleasure of being a part of a panel that Jim organized at the Global Grape Summit in August 2022. He made the panel conversational, engaging not only the panelists but also the audience. I also had the pleasure of having dinner with him in Madrid for Fruit Attraction in early October. I feel extremely lucky to have had those moments with him. Jim always took time to listen and was sincerely passionate about our industry and every opportunity to engage.

We will surely miss Jim’s jovial presence at the produce shows and will never forget how he was a trailblazer for the whole industry. He wasn’t here nearly long enough, but the impact he had will be felt for years to come.

Andy Higgins, CEO, IFG

As a humble tribute to the memory of Jim Prevor, DynamicLab made a donation to two foundations that will plant trees in places of great need. One location is in the States — in Superior National Forest by the Arbor Day Foundation — and the other one is here in Chile — in Patagonia by the Foundation Reforestemos — because Jim was present for us in both countries. With this small tribute in his memory, we want to say that he will be missed and we will always remember his kindness. Thank you for so much, Jim! Now, rest in peace knowing that you made this world a better place.

Andrés Silva, DynamicLab