Volm – One company. Numerous sustainable solutions.

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For those unfamiliar with Volm, the company has been involved in the fresh produce industry dating back over 66 years. Started in a rural northern Wisconsin community, Volm has grown into a multi-location operation spanning North America with global partnerships.

Today, Volm manufactures and distributes packaging and packing equipment but also provide services such as facility design & engineering as well as supply chain inventory management solutions to fresh produce growers, packers, and shippers.

Constantly working towards the development of innovative and affordable sustainable materials and packaging technologies, Volm ensures its solutions do not compromise quality or performance.

Volm is proud to be a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition® and is an approved printer for the How2Recycle® label. The company recently appeared as panelists in a PMA Showcase Webinar series event on Sustainable Packaging Solutions where it announced its newest products to the line-up.

Companies looking to bring new and exciting options at the retail level can count on Volm to deliver the packaging options that align with current sustainability initiatives.

For more, email us at info@volmcompanies.com or call 1-800-253-4737.

Newest package innovations include:

• Compostable Knitted or Extruded Netting with compostable wine-glass labels

• CLAF® Bio Fabric™ – Recyclable mesh fabric containing 96% biobased content

• Bag2Paper™ – A patented technology using paper on a roll, paper label and closing strip to create a compostable and recyclable plastic-free package

• Paper with a cellulose window – Recyclable paper consumer packs made by vertical form, fill and seal process

• Paper Trays & Sleeves – Compostable and recyclable alternatives to plastic clamshell packaging