Every few years, weather patterns characterized by warmer waters in the Pacific Ocean occur. Known as El Niño, this phenomenon can affect weather across the globe, and in Q4 2023 and Q1 2024, contributed to record high pricing and unusually short mango supplies from Central and South American producers.

As these cycles repeat, Ciruli Brothers is taking the lead on developing and researching mango varieties that are more appropriate for our changing climate. We have pledged years of research and investment in developing a mango program based on a natural growing process that works in harmony with the environment. We do this so our customers can have more consistent supplies at competitive prices.

Our growing practices support nature’s way. We do not sacrifice quality but allow for a normal bloom cycle and harvest only when fruit is ready. This results in better quality and great tasting fruit for the consumer. With year-round supplies, we offer retail partners a myriad of resources including displayready packaging, P.O.S. signage, retail display blueprints, creative messaging, and more. From growing to merchandising, the Ciruli Brothers team can provide expert insight to help you plan for mango category growth.


According to data offered by the National Mango Board for Q3, 2023: Mangos ranked #10 YOY in terms of whole fruit sales. Mangos also grew 8.2% in volume, contributing 2.7% of total produce volume sales. For one major retailer in the dataset, mangos ranked 8th in the fruit category, growing 20.4% in volume sold compared to prior year and represented 3.9% of total produce volume sales in Q3.

Mango consumption has nearly doubled since 2005, averaging 3.63 lbs. per capita (National Mango Board, 2020). This equates to a few mangos per year. With the right quality and value offering for consumers, there is ample room for growth.


To drive sales, we recommend promoting mangos early and often, especially during months when supplies are abundant. There are opportunities to promote between Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Independence Day. Mangos are available all year.


Build large displays in high-traffic areas to drive sales. Rotate fruit to keep firmer mangos on bottom and riper fruit on top. Having ripe fruit helps educate consumers how to select and know what to expect when mangos are ripe and ready to enjoy.


To help offset shrink and safeguard quality for your customers, hold mangos at the proper temperature: 65 – 70°F ripens, adds flavor, color, and aroma. Conversely, a range of 52 – 55°F holds ripeness. Never store below 50°F. Do not mist or refrigerate.


Creative opportunities abound depending on the time of year and type of promotion. We also recommend displaying multiple varieties to highlight their unique flavor profiles. The best window for multiple variety promotions is April – June.

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