2025 Merchandiser of the Year

  • From now until February 17th, we’re looking for nominations on which individual you believe is the PRODUCE BUSINESS Merchandiser of the Year for 2025.

    This individual would be a headquarter-level produce director or executive at a grocery/supermarket chain or club/membership store operation – not at the individual store level.

    Because this individual oversees creative and appealing produce displays across multiple stores, he or she contributes to making a difference in increasing fresh fruit and vegetable consumption in the US/Canada based on the excellence of produce department merchandising skills and knowledge.

    Please take a moment to provide your nominations for Produce Merchandiser of 2025 in our survey. We’ll profile all winners in the April 2025 issue of PRODUCE BUSINESS.

    Because this is time-sensitive, please fill out your nominations by February 17, 2025. Every entry will be reviewed by PRODUCE BUSINESS editors and will be judged on the nominee’s merchandising creativity, originality, innovation, and overall impact in selling produce to consumers. 

    As always, thank you for your continued support of the PRODUCE BUSINESS mission to increase produce consumption across our entire industry by showcasing THE BEST OF THE BEST.

    Ken Whitacre
    Publisher/Editorial Director

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