A Quest For Wellness – Offer Flowers And Plants As Solutions

Sharing Health and Wellness Messages

“Anyone who has had a bouquet of fresh flowers in their home knows anecdotally that fresh flowers are a mood booster,” says Lane DeVries, CEO and head grower at The Sun Valley Group in Arcata, CA. He adds, “Scientific research has demonstrated that flowers can relieve stress, increase happiness and help make intimate connections with others — all things that we need now more than ever.”

Rocket Farms in Half Moon Bay, CA, is one of the largest growers of indoor flowers, fresh-cut herbs and potted culinary edibles in the United States. A company profile video on the website follows an underlying “Grown for better living” theme and presents the plants and people that make up the Rocket Farms team. Jason Kamimoto, senior vice president of marketing, indicates the new video is one level of spreading the word about healthy living with plants.

Retailers can link to Rocket Farms’ website and share the following health and wellness messages with store customers. Credit is provided for each wellness statement.

Relaxation: the presence of plants in a room has been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety and fatigue. Credit: Seong-Hyun Park & Richard H. Mattson. Journal of Hort Technology.

Productivity: Plants improve concentration and creativity. Men and women demonstrate more innovative thinking in settings with plants and flowers. Credit: Dr. Charlie Hall, Ellison Chair. Texas A&M University.

Connection: Men and women who receive plants and flowers felt an increase in feelings of kindness and compassion. Credit: Jeannette Haviland-Jones, PhD. Rutgers University.