Best Independent Retailer Nomination Form

Most Innovative Independent Retailer Nomination Form 2024

  • As part of its mission to help the industry increase produce consumption, Produce Business wants to honor independent food stores that are doing exceptional work in selling and marketing fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers to consumers.

    DEFINITION OF INDEPENDENT FOOD RETAILER: Privately-owned or employee-owned food retailer that serves a local community and does not have its own distribution center.

    Please use the following questions as part of your nomination for why this independent food retailer should be considered:

    • What makes this store’s produce department unique?
    • How does the produce department cater to the demographics of the community?
    • Does the produce department and/or its employees have a “personality” (i.e., how does the store engage with customers)?
    • How many produce items does the store carry in general and are these items mainly organic or conventional… private label or “branded… packaged or bulk?
    • What is the department’s pricing and marketing philosophy?
    • How are products displayed and merchandised?
    • How does the store promote the produce department, etc.
    • What is your estimation of how much volume this store generates per week?

    To nominate a retailer, please fill out this form by January 15, 2024.

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