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The best avocados have
California in them

California Avocados are in demand all season long. In fact, 81% of avocado shoppers surveyed in the U.S. say it’s important that their avocados are grown in the U.S.1 They anticipate the consistent quality, freshness and homegrown taste that comes from California growers who are committed to consistent quality and reliability.

Consistency and reliability also are found in our innovative marketing program for 2021. Our programs and people are dedicated to supporting your sales of California Avocados, year after year.

Targeted, Customized Marketing Support

Innovative, branded California Avocado customized social, digital and geo-targeted promotions throughout the season drive shoppers to your stores. Social media retail assets can be customized for your store banners and are paid for by the California Avocado Commission in support of our retail partners.

Customized Retail Influencer Programs

Are your marketing departments looking for ideas for your social media content, newsletter, ad circular or other customer communication during the spring and summer months? New and complimentary customized offerings include social posts and blogs with and without video, seasonal story ideas for retailer use

in local media markets, on your website, in customer sweepstakes and California Avocado giveaways. We are ready to support you!

Retail Dietitian Relations

From helpful how-to tips to news you can use, nutritional information to delicious recipes for virtual demos and more, we have inspiration for your dietitians and cooking school managers.

Merchandising Materials

Among avocado shoppers surveyed in the U.S., 69% agree they wish stores would have better signage/labeling to let them know where the avocados they buy are grown.2 You can provide this information by using our California Avocado merchandising materials to encourage impulse purchases.

Visit to order your POS material.

Contact your Retail Marketing Directors for customized marketing programs and reports.

Source: 2020 California Avocado Tracking Study

1QC1. Price and ripeness are sometimes important factors in purchasing avocados. How important are each of the following when purchasing avocados? (Grown in the U.S.) Answers: extremely/very/somewhat important.

2Q12C. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I wish stores would have better signage/labeling to let me know where the avocados I buy are grown? Answers: strongly/ somewhat agree.


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