Gold Standard for Describing Success by Andrew Schwartz, JAL AGRO

Being friends with Jim is one of the greatest honors of my life.

He had an incredible gift to connect and find commonality with anyone he met. Jim was one of those friends who truly challenged you to reflect because of the example he set.

I admired Jim for the person that he was: Selfless, kind, empathetic, intellectual, caring, sincere, loyal, curious and a true gentlemen, just to name a few. Jim and I traveled the world, spent many holidays, family celebrations and business gatherings together, but it was the countless lunches we had that helped shape my life.

This is where Jim and I truly connected. Discussing family, history, politics, current events and any other issues that impacted our lives. Jim had a Northstar sense of fairness and incredible ability to make every conversation we had special. I had a front row seat for Jim’s thoughts and perspectives, and it changed who I am as a person. Jim challenged me to see life and the world differently.

It is hard for me to process not having hundreds more of these lunches and Jim’s incredible insight. They say the definition of integrity is what you do when nobody is watching. Jim passed this test like every test he ever took with a perfect score. We often talk about IQ and EQ. Most people in the world are fortunate to be above average in one or the other. Jim was unquestionably gifted with both. A unicorn.

His total commitment to his family and friends in times of need were unmatched. A few examples I witnessed were his handling and dedication of both of his parents’ illnesses. Jim immersed himself in the journey to finding the best care and doctors. Because of the rarity of his father’s illness, Jim was able to draw upon his incredible capacity to problem-solve while shielding his parents from the emotional roller coaster this would have taken on them. The trust that existed between Mike, Roz, Barry and Jim allowed for really good decisions to be made to extend their lives.

Jim used this same approach when dealing with his sons, Matthew and William, to help support their journey to find their passions in life and education. He was always there to lend a hand in their love for Disney and theme parks. Of course, for the average Disney- and Universal-lover, many trips to Orlando would have sufficed. Not with the Prevor family. They took this to a whole different level — creating websites, blogs and traveling to every theme park in the world like I go to Dunkin’ Donuts. China, France, California, Orlando… all of the cruise ships… I am getting dizzy just thinking about it.

Jim’s skills and support for helping shape this passion and Debbie’s commitment to literally whatever and wherever this passion took them played the key role in the development of these fine young men. Jim’s incredible qualities are ever present in his sons. Matthew’s sense of adventure and lack of fear, resulting in his decision to go to Switzerland for college, and William’s infectious personality and resurrection of “Touchdown,” Cornell’s school mascot, are such examples.

Having had the good fortune of meeting many of the Prevor’s, it is obvious this is a true family trait. My hat is off to his parents, Mike and Roz, for setting the example of how success is truly defined. I am fortunate to have had a backstage pass to see how Jim handled himself in most every situation, and it was inspiring. They say you are the average of the five closest people in your life. With no disrespect to the other four who I love dearly, Jim definitely raised my average.

Jim Prevor is one of the rare few who helped change the world, and he definitely changed me. Jim’s influence in my life cannot be overstated. I am smarter, more reflective and a better person for the time we spent together. For me, Jim is the Gold Standard for how I define success.

His legacy is cemented through his sons, his life’s work and all of those whose lives he touched. I speak for Rachel, Jack, Ava, Lily and my whole extended family when I say Thank You Jim for blessing us with the times we had together. You were a true original, a classic, and there will never be another like you. You will be in my heart forever.