Produce Business Magazine Circulation

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Audience (as of June 2017)

Total Distribution – 30,6423

Total Mailed Circulation – 24,998
Additional Distribution at Meetings & Conventions – 5,5644

Distribution by Business or Industry
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13,995 – Retailers

Corporate Retailers, Chain Supermarkets, Wholesale Grocers/Service Wholesalers, Retail Cooperatives or Voluntary Affiliates, Independent Supermarket Operators, Wholesale Clubs or Discount/Food Operators

3306 – Wholesalers

Produce Wholesalers/Jobbers, Brokers, Buying Brokers, Distributors, Repackers, Importers and Exporters, Fresh Cut Produce Processors and Destination Brokers

3499 – Foodservice

Foodservice Operators/Users (Buyers at restaurant chains, schools, hotels or hospitals), Foodservice Distributors 3389 Growers, Shippers, Packers, Sales Agents/Marketers and

3389 – Production

Growers, Shippers, Packers, Sales Agents/Marketers and Marketing Co-ops

172 – Logistics

Transportation/Transportation Services (Truck Broker or Hauler, Traffic Manager, Air or Rail Transportation Representative)

322 – Allied Fields

Others Allied to the Field (Educational or Financial Allied to the Field (Educational or Financial Institutions and Government Agencies, Industry Associations and Commodity Promotion Groups and Equipment, Packaging, Chemical or Supply Manufacturers, Dealers or Representatives)

315 – Other

Qualification not determined