Produce Quiz Winner: ANDREW WEINGART

Produce Packaging, Inc. and Great Lakes
Packers, Inc.
Willoughby Hills, OH

Andrew Weingart’s family was in the wholesale produce business in Cleveland, OH, for several years before the company closed in 2017. “I grew up working with my family, and a few years after college, I got into the business full time,” says Weingart.

Fast forward to today, and Weingart now works for the family who owns Produce Packaging, Inc. (PPI), in Willoughby Hills, OH, and Great Lakes Packers, Inc., in Bellevue, OH. PPI began packing tomatoes over 25 years ago, and is now one of the largest fresh produce packers in the Cleveland area.

“I am responsible for all purchasing and sales of potatoes and onions at Great Lakes, and I purchase a few commodities and have sales responsibilities at Produce Packaging,” he says.

Weingart’s typical day is spent managing and inspecting inventory, corresponding with customers, talking with suppliers, and trying to stay ahead of any market adjustments.

Weingart says at least once a week, he makes time to read industry publications, like Produce Business, to keep updated on key events. “I enjoy the articles that go in-depth with a business owner. There is a lot of history of many stores across the country, and it is great to hear what has made each a success,” says Weingart about Produce Business.

When he isn’t in his purchasing and sales role, you may find him downhill or water skiing or spending time with his family. “I do really enjoy spending time with family and friends and watching my kids’ sporting events.” 


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