Retail Perspective

The Proper Mindset

During the third month of the summer selling season‭, ‬much of the strategy revolves around preparation for back-to-school‭. ‬Meetings primarily focus on the store’s‭ ‬“other”‭… Read More

Tech Versus Networking

During conversations with management concerning attendance at industry trade shows‭, ‬the question often comes up from management as to why it is necessary to attend… Read More

Evaluating Produce Labor Hours

Come every January‭, ‬Monday morning meetings generally turn to the subject of executing the plans and merchandising strategy for the New Year‭. ‬Occasionally‭, ‬a brave… Read More

Changes of Season

As summer fades into fall‭, ‬discussions in the Monday morning staff meetings turned to the changing of the seasons and the need to‭ ‬change merchandising… Read More

Food Recovery Versus Food Waste

The subject of food waste is becoming a more important topic throughout the food industry‭ ‬‮—‬‭ ‬including produce‭. ‬Retail management‭ ‬has long felt that the… Read More