The Class of 2020: 40-Under-Forty Winners


Winners of the Produce Business annual 40-Under-Forty awards program should be truly honored because they were chosen by their fellow industry mentors. Our team conducted an extensive, widespread search to elicit nominations for top young leaders. The search involved communication with thousands of industry executives along the entire supply chain.
This year’s winners are exemplified by an outstanding array of community involvement. They have demonstrated an extremely high degree of giving back to the people and places that have helped them reach their current positions.

We had far more nominations than we could use. If you were not chosen this year or if you nominated someone who was not selected, please understand that the process was highly selective, and we encourage you to re-submit updated nominations for next year’s competition. We encourage everyone to continually alert Produce Business of well deserving candidates and to help praise and support future produce movers and shakers as we look forward to honoring 40-Under-Forty leaders in 2021.