2016 Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards

fFruit Logistica Innovation Award

Genuine CoconutWINNER

World’s Coconut Trading in Spain‭ – Genuine Coconut‭ ‬

The Genuine Coconut is an organic coconut with a special patented opening‭, ‬so consumers can enjoy the milk straight from its natural container‭. ‬It is supplied with its own straw and provides a refreshing drink‭. ‬Genuine Coconut offers 100‭ ‬percent organic coconut water from green coconuts‭. ‬The coconuts grow naturally in the heart of Thailand and are harvested at the optimum point of‭ ‬ripeness when the coconut contains a large amount of water with important nutrients and minerals‭. ‬Thai Nam Hom coconuts are considered the best choice for quality‭, ‬taste and flavor‭.‬

Pearl Herbs2BFresh‭, ‬Israel‭ – ‬Pearl Herbs

Pearl Herbs are just a centimeter long with very short stems‭. ‬They are ideal for garnishing and serving with other dishes‭. ‬These‭ ‬tiny fresh herbs are available in more than 10‭ ‬different varieties including basil‭, ‬amaranth‭, ‬sunflower‭, ‬parsley and pak choi‭. ‬They are extremely delicate in taste and suitable for all occasions‭, ‬for immediate consumption‭, ‬as well as for garnishing other‭ ‬dishes‭.‬

Outspan SamCapespan‭, ‬South Africa‭ – ‬Outspan Sam

The Outspan Sam campaign describes to children how fruit is grown‭. ‬In four different videos‭, ‬the path of the fruit is shown in all its different stages‭. ‬The story is told by Outspan Sam‭, ‬a figure specially developed for this campaign‭. ‬The video clips can be accessed anywhere using the special QR code‭. ‬The aim of the campaign is to promote knowledge and understanding on the part of‭ ‬young consumers and increase appreciation for healthy‭, ‬fresh produce‭.‬

Harvest AutomationHortiplan‭, ‬Netherlands‭ – ‬Harvest Automation

Green salads can now not only be grown automatically with the Mobile Gully system‭, ‬but also harvested and packed by this new machine‭. ‬The lettuce is automatically lifted out of the seed rail and then cut‭. ‬Depending on the degree of automation‭, ‬the salad heads can also be packed immediately into crates‭. ‬With this breakthrough technology‭, ‬similar methods are now available for leafy vegetables‭.‬

QualyCheckHortKinetix‭, ‬Germany‭ – ‬QualyCheck

QualyCheck is a smartphone app using standardized forms to create and transmit quality control reports by Internet to a central‭ ‬database or as emails to selected recipients‭. ‬QualyCheck works with standard text blocks and terminology based on current official standards as well as the extensive practical experience of the product developers‭. ‬Regular updates are provided automatically‭.‬

Colorful Perupas

HZPC Holland‭, ‬Netherlands‭ – Wow‭! ‬Colourful Perupas

WOW‭! ‬Colourful Perupas are potatoes based on original varieties from the Andes‭. ‬They offer a new and interesting product range as well as a diversity of taste‭, ‬color and shape‭. ‬Four varieties are currently available‭: ‬Violet Queen‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬with dark purple flesh and the flavor of sweet beetroot‭; ‬Double Fun‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬in two colors with violet and yellow flesh‭; ‬Magenta Love‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬offering dark pink potatoes‭; ‬Blue Star‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬with a striking marbled pattern and ideal for chips or mashed potatoes‭.‬

Kitchen Minis

Northern Greens‭, ‬Denmark‭ – ‬Kitchen Minis®‭ ‬Tomato

Kitchen Minis®‭-‬Tomato is a small‭, ‬compact and visually attractive cherry tomato plant for the domestic windowsill‭. ‬It can produce up to 150‭ ‬fruit all year‭. ‬Its special feature is the particularly small size of the plant‭ ‬‮—‬‭ ‬only 9‭ ‬to 11‭ ‬cm wide and 35‭ ‬cm high‭. ‬The tomatoes weigh 8‭ ‬to 10‭ ‬grams and have a Brix value between six and seven‭, ‬tasting sweet and aromatic‭.‬

Parmentines Cup
Parmentine‭, ‬France‭ – ‬Parmentine’s Cup

Parmentine’s Cup is a plastic cup with 250‭ ‬grams of baby potatoes for cooking in the microwave‭. ‬They are packed together with a basil-tomato sauce‭. ‬The potatoes are already washed and ready to eat‭. ‬Six minutes in the microwave‭, ‬and you have a healthy‭, ‬tasty low-fat meal‭. ‬The yellow-fleshed potatoes have barely 90‭ ‬kcal per 100g‭, ‬the basil-tomato sauce only 20‭ ‬kcal‭, ‬and the chive-quark sauce around 70‭ ‬kcal‭.‬

AutomatoStoffels‭, ‬Belgium‭ – ‬Automato

Automato is a POS‭ ‬“automat”‭ ‬with three boxes‭, ‬which dispense different cherry tomato varieties into paper bags‭. ‬Each box can be operated separately and has‭ ‬its own hopper‭. ‬The consumer has the choice of one or more varieties‭. ‬The Automato is a hygienic and playful idea for the youngest consumers‭, ‬helping to interest them in new vegetable varieties‭.‬

Terra Natura IntL‭, ‬Netherlands‭ – ‬EnjoyaEnjoya Pepper

Enjoya is a unique‭, ‬yellow-striped red pepper‭. ‬It is also distinguished by its very aromatic‭, ‬tangy flavor and pleasantly crunchy bite‭. ‬These peppers also have a very high vitamin C content‭. ‬Enjoya works well as a highlight in salads or as a snack with an‭ ‬appropriate sauce‭.‬