2023 Masters of Merchandising: CALIFORNIA AVOCADO COMMISSION


The best avocados have California in them.

Although shopper profiles change over the years, California Avocados continue to be the gold standard for quality and consistency. That’s what makes the California Avocado season, from spring through summer, one of the most anticipated. Your shoppers want the creamy California Avocado taste that can only come from avocados grown close to home in the ideal coastal climate of California and nurtured by
California farmers. The California Avocado Commission continues its dedication to providing effective programs and supporting your sales of California Avocados.

Targeted, Customized Marketing Support

Innovative, branded California Avocado customized social, digital and geo-targeted promotions throughout the season drive shoppers to your stores. Social media retail assets can be customized for your store banners and are paid for by the California Avocado Commission in support of retail partners.

Customized Retail Communications Programs

New and complimentary customized offerings include social media posts and content with and without video, seasonal story ideas for retailer-use in local media markets, on your website, in customer sweepstakes and California Avocado giveaways. We are ready to support you!

Retail Dietitian Relations

From helpful how-to tips to news-you-can-use nutritional information to delicious recipes for demos, events and more, we have inspiration for your dietitians.

Merchandising Materials

Generate impulse purchases and promote fresh California Avocados in your stores.

Visit CaliforniaAvocado.com/Retail to order California Avocado display bins and other POS material.

Contact your Retail Marketing Director for customized marketing programs and reports.

California Avocado Commission


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