Masters of Merchandising: CULINARY SPECIALTY PRODUCE

Specialty varieties are usually more flavorful, cook faster and require less preparation.




Specialty potatoes are an effective way to add interest and ring to the shopping cart or foodservice menu. These little spuds add an array of color to the display and the plate. Specialty varieties are usually more flavorful, cook faster and require less preparation. The explosion of options in the specialty potato category make for exciting opportunities both at retail, foodservice and processing.

Culinary Specialty Produce sources specialty potatoes with one focus – flavor! With over three decades of experience, we go the extra mile to ensure a unique, great-tasting product for our customers to offer their customers. We strive to find the variety, quality, price and logistics that work for each customer.

Varieties – Old, New And Everything
In Between

Offering variety increases options for customers. For example, Jumbo Fingerlings offer great value and may be less expensive while still different. Harvest Moon, a purple skin yellow flesh potato, provides unique color with still great interior flavor. Old Heirlooms Nicola and Bintje are fantastic for French fries.

Varieties to look for include:

• Fingerlings
• Reds
• Yellows
• Whites
• Purples
• Organic Russets
• Heirlooom (Nicola & Bintje)
• New proprietary varieties such as Harvest Moon

Advance your potato category by
incorporating more specialty potatoes!

*It’s essential to ensure a quality seed source, and Culinary has access to certified seed from the growers we partner with.

Harvest Moon Potatoes

Size Matters, But Yet It Doesn’t

Size has become important for plate and visual appeal. The move to smaller, specialty vegetables remains a trend at retail and foodservice. However, with respect to taste, size does not matter. A C-size creamer and an A-size of the same variety taste the same. So choose size based on visual appeal and novelty, and choose flavor based on variety. Promote small for niçoise salads, medium for potato salad or cut for stir-fry, and larger sizes for center-of-plate stuffing.

Sizes include:

Pee Wee – 2 inch and under
Standard – 3 inch to 4 inch
Jumbo – 4 inch and over

Size A – 2.25 inch and larger
Size B – 1.5 inch to 2.25 inch
Size C – 1.25 inch to 1.50 inch
Marbles – 1 inch to 1.25 inch
Nibbles – 1 inch and under

Colors Include:
Yellow, Red, White, Pink,
Purple and Striped

Packaging And Logistics

Specialty potatoes are available in a host of packaging options, including totes (for processing, 20# and 50#). Specifically for retail customers we offer customized programs, including Our Stock, Customer Stock or a Custom Design. We also have convenient value-added products under development.

Delivery options include FOB, Market Consolidation and Forward (JIT) distribution. Forward Distribution sites in Los Angeles and Philadelphia allow us to stock product and fulfill from those sites, building a diverse product pallet and delivering to customers in an efficient and timely manner.

Specialty Potatoes are available Year Round – primarily from Colorado and California, but also from Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Florida, Texas and Massachusetts. In some cases, this regional availability allows retailers and restaurateurs to promote Locally Grown.

Get The Word Out

When it comes to specialty potatoes, variety sells! Consumers are looking for new and interesting products. Take an old staple and make it exciting with specialty potatoes.

Educate consumers on the ease and speed of cooking specialty potatoes. Use the color and size attributes to build eye-catching displays or create a spectacular side on the plate. Potatoes are also becoming a center-of-the-plate item – topped with veggies, seafood or other proteins. Explore options for Ad or Demo support from consistent suppliers such as Culinary Specialty Produce.

How We Grow

We emphasize flavor, sustainability and treating the earth well! Our product line includes conventional, organic and cutting edge biotic farming. Biotic farming focuses on eliminating pesticides and reducing the use of water – a major resource limitation for many potato farmers. Our farming operations treat their farming resources with great care. We uphold the biotic farming mantra: “Take care of the soil and the soil will take care of the plants.”

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