HUNTS POINT MARKET Optimizes Actions


Market companies plan and invest for even greater feats.

Hunts Point merchants continue to innovate and develop new ways to serve customers. The wholesalers are driven by the desire to find solutions for the marketplace. “We continue to build on our long history of meeting market needs with new ideas,” says Stefanie Katzman, executive vice president at S. Katzman Produce. “A great example of this is our Hamona coconuts and their shaved-down, straw-penetrable shell. We are stepping up that item. We designed a new carrying case for it—a three-pack carrier that adds even more convenience to this healthy and delicious snack. We’re always searching out these types of value-added ideas in both products and services to help our customers and shippers succeed.”

E. Armata continues to expand its fleet of trucks to accommodate more deliveries. “As we grow our business, we want our customers to grow theirs as well,” says Michael Armata, fourth generation and buyer. Being in the industry for more than 100 years, E. Armata understands quality, price and, especially in a time like this, safe service.”

J. Margiotta Co. continues to expand its trucking line and deliveries. “Delivery has been in high demand, and it’s been very good for us,” says Jimmy Margiotta, owner/president.

As retailers look to differentiate their stores with more private label, Margiotta also offers expanded branding opportunities for customers. “We’re offering customization with our labels to retailers who are interested in a customized-label program,” he says.

AJ Trucco has its own distribution facility in Vineland, NJ, equipped with state-of-the-art packing lines and managed by a knowledgeable team. “This creates a unique and new relationship with our partners,” says Nick Pacia, chief executive and president. “Our packinghouses at source, alongside our new distribution and packing facility here in New Jersey, complete our vertical integration of the supply chain. We are proud to have a new facility that stands out in the kiwifruit industry with state-of-the-art packing and cold storage.”

In the past few months, Trucco has focused resources on creating a new sustainable, 100% plastic-free, recyclable pack style for its KiwiStar kiwifruit. “We have created a KiwiStar Cares initiative to support environmental efforts to reduce waste and, more specifically, plastic pollution in oceans,” says Pacia.

Hunts Point merchants continue to report increased potential for deliveries, organics and packaging. “We do a lot of trucking,” says Ira Nathel, president and co-owner of Nathel & Nathel. “We’re also moving a lot of organic product. A lot of it is bagged so that fits with the current trend. We believe the market is trending toward more packaged product.”

A&J Produce Corp. continually updates its facility and transportation fleet. “We must ensure our deliveries are in good standing and with good timing,” says Thomas Tramutola, Jr., manager. “Also, we emphasize product branding so we can showcase what we do and stand behind it.”