Masters of Merchandising: McDANIEL & CHIRICO WORLDWIDE LLC

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Lemons are an essential everyday item for all foodservice and retail customers. Lemons and limes are uniquely versatile with a use in the homes of nearly all shoppers. Good quality fruit is readily and consistently available.


  • Starting with strong quality is the foundation of any proper display. Whether a stack-them-high (and let them fly) approach, or a small clean display, having the right fruit to put up will make or break the display. We recommend hand stacking loose fruit and providing bag options nearby for bulk consumers and home delivery.
  • Displaying the Linda Vista brand PLU or box is encouraged to take advantage of marketing efforts and global brand recognition.


April through January
Eureka Lemons grown in Mexico (Shipping points Texas & New Jersey)

December through May
Primofiori and then Verna’s [April/May] grown in Spain (Shipping point New Jersey)
Eureka Lemons grown in Mexico (Shipping point Texas)


  • Lemons should be generally stored at 40-42 degrees.
  • When displaying bulk fruit, lemons should be stacked horizontally —all facing in the same direction in a way that complements the area where they are set.
  • Placing them on top of each other to create a pyramid results in an attractive and neat outcome.


  • Bulk Sizes — 75/95/115/140/ 165/200/235
  • Conventional and Organic, grades available — Standard (Juicing), Choice, and Fancy
  • Bag packs are typically 18/2lb and 36/1lb — custom bagging options are available as well.

During peak season, we pack lemon and lime combination packs allowing for convenience and increased sales for retail and home delivery services. Custom packs and labeling are available to meet every need.


  • We specialize in programs for both retail and foodservice consisting of a tailored mix of contracted volumes and weekly estimates at market price. From fruit for juicing to 5-star dining, small volume or large — consistent support is available. Doing these custom combination programs allows for levels of planning and security with volatile items while still maintaining the competitive edge of fluctuating markets. Our shipping points also allow for freight savings for most of the country and quicker turnaround from order to delivery.
  • Combining programs of our core four items — lemons, limes, avocados, and mangos — allows for a nice loading blend and convenient pickups (1 stop) or delivery. Part of our service includes delivery to most areas around the country through a network of carrier part-ners. In addition to our premium pack on conventional fruit, our offering includes organic options on all of our items in a variety of packs. Having a strong following on the Linda Vista brand across items allows for consistency of quality and branding to display to customers at all levels of the food chain.


Since 1959 the Linda Vista brand has earned the reputation of unwavering commitment to the global produce industry. Over the past 63 years, Linda Vista brand has withstood the test of time. Consumers recognize Linda Vista as a brand to trust. Linda Vista produce is globally recognized for its quality; the label is used only when fruit is at its peak. Consumers recognize a Linda Vista label means they are buying fresh, delicious, and responsibly grown produce. All products packed with the Linda Vista label are responsibly grown and packed — meeting or exceeding food safety standards and protocol. Lemons, Limes, Avocados, and Mangos are the core items of the Linda Vista brand.


The versatility of citrus easily allows for multiple promotion opportunities. In the produce section, information on health benefits along with a beautiful display guides the consumer’s hand to grab that perfect lemon.

Use additional opportunities around the store: In the seafood section, a small but lovely basket of lemons alongside recipe cards can put the right touch on that quick weeknight meal. Many retailers have a liquor section or even a store in proximity to the grocery area for additional promotion.

Remember to include the whole citrus category —
both lemons and limes on display with quality.

Consumer-recognized branding ties together freshness and fun.


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