Procacci Brothers Celebrates 75 Years

Pioneers in the fresh produce industry, Joe and Mike Procacci, started Philadelphia-based Procacci Brothers Sales Corporation in 1948.
Originally printed in the June 2023 issue of Produce Business.

In 1948, Joe and Mike Procacci founded Procacci Brothers Sales Corporation in the cellar of their parents’ home. Their philosophy was to provide customers with the best product at the best price. Now, with 75 years of experience, that philosophy of quality, integrity and service still drives the family members at the helm of today’s company.

“Our customers, employees and vendors appreciate our family legacy of commitment to quality and service, which sets us apart,” says Joseph Procacci III, vice president of business development.
“It’s simple: Our customers come first,” adds Mike Maxwell, president. “We listen to their needs and react with a solution.”

The focus was initially tomato sales and repacking, but the company began purchasing farmland and developing farming partnerships in the late 1950s. In 1968, the company diversified its product line to include all fruits and vegetables. With steadfast focus on customer service, the Procacci Brothers Sales Corporation’s portfolio increased over the coming decades. The operations have developed into one of the fresh produce industry’s most successful vertically integrated, innovative companies, and one of the largest wholesale produce distributors in North America.

Procacci Brothers operates 24/7 in state-of-the-art facilities in South Philadelphia, PA. In addition, it operates four units in the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, which opened in 2011. The Pennsylvania warehouses are located near one of the East Coast’s busiest ports on the Delaware River, where fresh produce arrives from around the world. The company builds strong and unique programs for retail supermarkets, club stores, and the foodservice industry.

“We are very innovative, always looking down the road with binoculars to see the next thing coming,” says J.M. Procacci, chief executive officer of Procacci Holdings. “We do not stand still — standing still means we’re going in reverse.”

“Our goal has always been to strengthen the business of our retail and foodservice customers,” says Rick Feighery, vice president. “If they succeed, our business flourishes as well.”

The family’s commitment to the produce industry has continued through three generations.

“Being in a family business adds a certain kind of pressure for success,” comments Joseph Procacci III. “I appreciate our legacy. I strive to maintain the success of the previous generations; I understand the importance of being successful today for our employees and hope to build upon our current business holdings for the next generation.”

“At the end of the day, it’s about the first rule of business, and the first rule of business is to stay in business, and, in a family business, it means to go on to the next generation,” says J.M. Procacci.

The Procacci family has followed this business model for the past 75 years, and the success will continue for the next 75. Family leadership and strict adherence to core values will allow it to remain “The Leader in the Field.”