Retail Perspective


With technological advances happening every day‭, ‬it is not unusual to have meetings with management to discuss the latest technology and benefits to the operation‭…. Read More

Be True to Your Cause

Many Monday morning meetings focus on observations made by management during weekend visits to the competition‭. ‬These observations usually focus on what the competition is… Read More

Waste Not, Want Not

During conversations on sustainability in the boardroom‭, ‬the topic of donating out-of-date‭, ‬or over-ordered‭, ‬or unsalable merchandise is often discussed‭. ‬Management also looks at this… Read More

The Proper Mindset

During the third month of the summer selling season‭, ‬much of the strategy revolves around preparation for back-to-school‭. ‬Meetings primarily focus on the store’s‭ ‬“other”‭… Read More