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Power the Spontaneous

Compared to one year ago, we are more polished shoppers, making less trips to the grocery store, and spending more per trip. One thing is certain, we are shopping from a list while trying to get in and out of the store as fast as we can! This leaves little room for impulse buys or discovering new products.Activate the power of the spontaneous purchase with strong emotive imagery using POS signage.

Happy Life Feel Good Snacking


Healthy snacking, immune boosting, mood lifting, all are themes for strong Point of Sale messaging that will motivate shoppers. Innovative and intriguing imagery will get the eating occasion ideas owing. Village Farms is here to help with this endeavor, with our full library of content for POS, as well as all your digital promotional needs.

Keep an Eye on the Trends

2021 is the year for fresh as consumers continue to set their sights on healthy and easy to prepare food choices. Trending is ‘celebrating food as an occasion’, especially with fresh produce.

And though consumers are moving more quickly through the store, they continue to crave inspiration as they shop.

Plant Based for the Win!

Fruits and vegetables are trending in 2021 as the focus on a ‘Plant Based Diet’ continues to evolve. Consumers are determined to purchase flavorful immune boosting tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers that are the primary staples for their plant-based food choices and the foundations of their meal planning. Focus Point of Sale on inclusivity of more plant-based content that will connect a more diverse community of consumers, while celebrating food heritage through nostalgic recipes and real-life stories.

Sensational Sara

The recently launched and new to the category lovely Sensational Sara®tomato is an exciting new addition to the tomato-on-the-vine varietal segment. Her deep red inside and study green vine make her really stand out. She is simply amazing, great as a slicer, handy for sandwiches or salads, and the best part is that she is a phenomenal cooking tomato.

Sensation Sara®is packaged in an innovative 1lb environmentally friendly box that is biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

Ask us more about her availability!

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