What Is Innovation?

The Innovation Game Changers

Disrupting consumer behavior to move the needle in fresh produce consumption one commodity at a time.

In early October, our editors evaluated more than 45 new innovative products, following a 10-point-scale criteria grid with a concentration on three Ps for innovation: Product (intrinsic properties of the fruit or vegetable itself), Packaging (unique attributes that not only improve shelf-life but add to the marketability of the item) and Processing (added value by making the product more convenient or augmenting with more components to complete a flavor profile or meal). Will the item make customers switch from one product to another, or would consumers be willing to pay a premium for the item? Does the packaging keep the integrity of produce intact and enhance shelf-life? Does it provide a better marketing vehicle or make it easier to handle? Does the product take the prep time out of consumers’ hands and/or does it incorporate protein and other add-ons to provide more of a meal solution? Produce Business celebrates these disrupters as they inspire and empower innovative thinking and creativity, bringing a slate of new offerings to market. We are excited about these products and look forward to what the industry has in the pipeline for next year.