2023 Masters of Merchandising: ENVY APPLES

Improve VISIBILITY & Guide your Shopper’s Navigation to Envy™ Apples – The Ultimate Apple Experience!

ENVY™ triggers consideration and excitement amongst the premium apple shopper

Store Merchandising Principles

Will improve visibility and guide the shopper’s navigation.

  1. Secure a prominent placement:
    • at eye level to the shopper
    • on the top shelf/prime bin
    • at the end of an aisle
  2. Make sure your POS communication is working hard:
    • iconic branding
    • price point
    • product description
    • flavor profile – sweet → tart
    • points of differentiation

Create more PLACEMENT Opportunities for Purchase & Drive INCREMENTAL Sales


Apples need careful handling. They are easily bruised, so be gentle. Whether they are in trays, bags, or loose, proper handling reduces bruises and blemishes and is key to high apple profits and customer satisfaction!

• First impressions are everything! Keep displays neat, attractive and full of high-quality Envy™ apples. Apples are naturally bright & beautiful – utilize vibrant color breaks for maximum appeal. Remember people buy with their eyes.
• Avoid misting apples or using high-temperature lighting, and consistently sort, cull and rotate to always keep displays fresh.


• Refrigerate your apples immediately upon arrival to ensure crispness and flavor.
• Ideal storage temperature is 32-34 degrees
• Ideally apples should always be refrigerated so sell them from the cold case if space permits. Large dry tables and waterfall displays can increase sales, don’t put out more than you can rotate and sell fast. The rule is no more than 3 days without refrigeration.


• No dumping
• Apples are hurt by high temperature lighting directed on the apple display
• Rotate, rotate, rotate!
• Do not mist apples


• Rotation not only keeps your displays attractive, appealing and fresh; it reduces shrink.
• Remember, when non-refrigerated secondary displays are used, rotate this product into a refrigerated display.

Use QR codes to drive consumers to brand sites for store locator, recipe ideas and more.


Envy™ is a registered trademark of the T&G Group of Companies