GIANT’s New Philadelphia Store Emphasizes Diversity And Family

Cottman Avenue store deepens GIANT’s commitment to urban shoppers with fresh, quality, affordable produce.

Originally printed in the March 2022 issue of Produce Business.

The GIANT Company’s new Philadelphia store on Cottman Avenue opened last November as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to serve the needs of busy families within the city of Philadelphia.

The 67,000 square foot store features the company’s signature fresh departments, coupled with expanded product variety and new offerings and employs approximately 150 full- and part-time team members. In addition to its signature fresh departments, the store includes a beer and wine eatery, expanded plant-based offerings, made-to-order meal solutions and GIANT Direct grocery pickup.

Produce is a major focus in all of The GIANT Company’s stores and this new GIANT is no exception. The Cottman produce section occupies 4,975 square feet and is immediately visible as shoppers enter the store.

“The produce department is what The GIANT Company is known for and has long been considered a signature department,” says Chris Keetch, director of floral and produce for The GIANT Company in Carlisle, PA, with 190 stores. “It’s the first impression customers have of the store, setting the tone for the rest of their visit.”

The Cottman store’s produce department is rectangular in shape, running from front to back of the store. “The objective of our layout is to make it easy for customers to navigate and shop,” says Keetch. “We strive to be competitively and value priced, offer a clean and convenient shopping experience, and inspire and educate our customers through a variety of tactics. Our signature produce department stands out from others because of our commitment to quality, freshness and assortment.”


Over the past few years, The GIANT Company has focused on growing in and with the city of Philadelphia.

“With its diverse neighborhoods, people, and undeniable passion for food, there’s no place quite like Philadelphia, and that’s exactly why we continue to invest in new stores across the city,” says Nicholas Bertram, president. “Featuring a new look and the very best of the GIANT brand, our new Cottman Avenue store will serve as a bold sign of our commitment to the city, increasing access to great-tasting and affordable food and inspiring meal solutions and time-saving grocery conveniences to the families counting on us.”

The Cottman Avenue store has one of the most diverse demographics in the company’s footprint. As a result, the produce department boasts ample variety to meet the needs of its neighborhood. The store features The GIANT Company’s broadest array of global flavors, with new and expanded brands to serve customers seeking Kosher, Halal and other ethnic foods throughout all departments.

From farm fresh produce to the global flavors across the store, there’s something for every table, says Sabita Singh, store manager. “No matter how customers choose to shop with us, in-store or online, we’re simplifying the grocery experience so they can then spend more time connecting with family over a meal.”

The produce department carries more than 400 fresh SKUs, and actually manages 900 total SKUs — including categories such as dried fruit, nuts and croutons. “The Cottman GIANT features a broad assortment of fruits and vegetables, including a first-of-its-kind global flavors display showcasing a variety of items from around the world,” says Keetch. “There are also dedicated displays of tropical fruits and roots.”

The Cottman GIANT store also features a Saladworks with more than 60 fresh ingredients.


The store emphasizes attractive produce displays to catch customer attention. Produce is merchandised in a variety of ways, such as refrigerated and nonrefrigerated cases and endcaps, wing displays, shippers, spot coolers, bin displays and racking fixtures. “Products are grouped by category to help with assortment selection and provide additional exposure for high demand items to help maintain in stock position,” says Keetch.

To keep shoppers engaged, the store uses various display techniques throughout the year. “For example, we employ endcaps and wing displays to highlight seasonal offerings such as varietal apples, purple sweet potatoes and organic heirloom tomatoes,” says Keetch. “We also lean into opportunities for cross-merchandising, showcasing dips with apples and mozzarella cheese with basil and tomatoes.”

The company provides a wide range of support to the produce department, both in-store and online, as part of a holistic commercial marketing effort, reports Keetch. “This could include, but is not limited to, in-store signage, social and digital media, and out of home such as billboards, circular and mass media,” he says. “In addition, produce is a centerpiece of our local campaign each summer, as we’re able to do significant storytelling on the people, farms and the harvest.”

The store reaches consumers while they’re shopping via product description cards to help communicate product attributes and common product usages. Nutritional information is also provided via product info cards throughout the department.


2201 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia
Hours of operations: 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week
(215) 722-2043