Masters of Merchandising: CIRULI BROTHERS, LLC

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Mangos are an ancient crop. Its roots have spanned across the globe for over a millennium. We’ve all seen or heard references dubbing the mango as the king of fruit. So why isn’t one of, if not the, most popular fruit in the world a U.S. Top 10 fruit yet? With increasing popularity, consumption, and year-round availability, mangos are well positioned for growth. They are versatile, flavorful, wholesome, with distinctive notes nuanced by variety. Mangos are deserving of a major seat at promotions and merchandising tables, and not just for specific holidays. They have earned more frequent ads, better floor space location, and more cross-merchandising. Mangos just need to be ‘done right.’


  1. MANGOS ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. There are thousands of known varieties that vary in shape, color, aroma, texture, nutrient content, and flavor. Modern agriculture has enabled the creation of hundreds of new varieties in the last twenty-five years alone. As commercial volume of other mango varieties grows, we argue that strategies that were effective in increasing category sales for grapes, hot peppers, and apples will be equally effective. Variety and flavor profiles should be carefully curated to create intrigue and generate excitement, ultimately growing mango sales.
  2. OFFER MORE OPTIONS. How often do you test SKUs to identify and build on opportunities? Some ideas to vary your offering include carrying multiple varieties, offering two-tiered pricing based on size, offer firm and ripe-and-ready mangos, or carry a few multi-pack options in clams or display-ready cases. We offer various pack styles in unique, display-ready, and consumer-friendly packaging.
  3. ALLOCATE MORE SPACE. Mangos need room to grow. In the ongoing battle for display space, consider promoting more often and bring mangos to the front of the department or high-traffic areas where they can be seen. Build larger displays and get creative cross merchandising with other products. Ask us about our display inspiration blueprints, we have resources to help.
  4. FOCUS ON QUALITY. To help mangos look and taste their best, focus on transporting, storing, and displaying at the right temperature. A range of 56 – 65°F ripens, adds flavor, color, and aroma. To hold ripeness, keep between 52 – 55°F but not below 50°F. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures causes chilling damage and reduces the consumer experience.

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