Outreach to the Community

Outreach To The Community

Helping hands give to those in need.

Hunts Point Gives BackThe businesses at the Hunts Point Terminal Market in Bronx, NY, are committed to building and strengthening the community through neighborhood outreach. One of the Market’s newest initiatives started in 2014, when the companies came together to launch “Hunts Point Gives Back to Hunts Point,” an annual event to help feed the needy during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“With high food prices and the struggles so many families face each day, we wanted to do something for the community,” says Myra Gordon, executive administrative director of the Hunts Point Terminal Produce Co-Operative Association.

The folks at the Hunts Point Terminal Market donated their money and time to help fill 2,000 bags with enough food to feed a family of four during the holiday. The bags were filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, including carrots, yams, chestnuts, rutabaga, garlic, apples, oranges, tangerines, squash, cranberries and more.

“To know you are providing a meal at Thanksgiving to those who need it humbles you,” says Gordon. “The businesses at the Hunts Point Terminal Market wanted to work together to create an event to help families in our community during the holiday time. It’s just one way we can give thanks and do some good.”

The event was held at the Julio Carballo Little League Field in Hunts Point. The bags were filled with the assistance of employees from the Department of Public Safety and other Hunts Point Market departments, along with volunteers from companies in the Market. According to Gordon, it takes four full days to fill the bags. The bags are distributed by volunteers from companies at the Market along with employees from the Department of Public Safety. Any leftover bags are donated to the New York Police Department’s 41st Precinct to hand out to those in the community who were not able to attend the event.

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