Sakata Seed America

Infinite Gold LSL Cantaloupe Launch Campaign

sakata_seedObjectives: To educate and excite the trade on the benefits of Infinite Gold LSL (long shelf life) cantaloupe while gaining exposure and brand awareness.

Campaign: Sakata developed Infinite Gold LSL cantaloupe with three significant characteristics: durability, yield and flavor. The coordinated brand unveil and introduction to the trade occurred via the 2015 PMA Foodservice and Fresh Summit trade shows.

The company conveyed brand differentiators and developed messaging to address each segment of the chain, including dealers, growers, shippers, packers, foodservice and retail buyers. Sakata created an Infinite Gold logo, assets and color scheme. The presentation included distribution of third-party sensory analysis information on Infinite Gold vs. Leading Competition.

A series of promotions included: a website for trade education, a video for video postcard promotion, an integrated calendar — especially for retail and foodservice sectors featuring action involving social media, print, website, video, PR/Earned Media and trade shows. Sakata utilized SCS Global Services, a provider of third-party environmental and sustainable certification, auditing, testing, and standards development, to help evaluate Infinite Gold alongside the leading competitor and its own experimental line.

Attributes such as flavor, texture, and sweetness, to name a few, were evaluated by trained panelists in order to see which variety stood out among the rest.

Results: The efforts resulted in increased worldwide brand recognition among trade audiences as well as a 300-plus percent increase in seed sales worldwide. Results have also shown new grower and retail business worldwide.