Produce For Kids

Power Your Lunchbox Pledge

produce-for-kids-logoObjective: Encourage families and classrooms to start the school year off on the right foot through pledging to pack healthier lunches/making healthier choices.

Campaign: Power Your Lunchbox Pledge is an annual digital program created by Produce for Kids encouraging families to pack healthier lunches for back-to-school. For every pledge taken on, partner produce companies make a collective dollar donation to Feeding America’s programs that benefit family and children. Age-appropriate lesson plans, achievement awards, support materials and the ability to pledge as a classroom were available to teachers at

The website offered back-to-school meal planning with lunchbox ideas, afterschool snacks, breakfast ideas and dinner recipes for busy weeknights. Blog posts, written by parents, offered tips on meal planning, dinner-conversation starters, ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into lunchboxes, and more. After pledging, families and teachers received a series of e-newsletters via email with coupons supplied by produce partners, fun printable lunchbox notes, recipes and the opportunity to enter to win an iPad and iPad mini to help in family meal planning.

Results: More than 10,000 pledges were taken by families and classrooms, which totaled $10,797 (equaling 107,970 meals donated to Feeding America) and donated to Feeding America programs to help feed families and children. The public relations outreach to national consumer and grocery industry trade media outlets resulted in 173 mm impressions with an estimated media value of $6.9 million. Twenty-three family food bloggers shared the Power Your Lunchbox Pledge with a combined 7.9 million social media followers.

The program was mentioned on Twitter more than 5,000 times. The Power Your Lunchbox Google+ community was created to allow Google+ users a place to share tips and ideas for packing a healthier lunchbox. The group has 178 members.