Bringing Sustainable Packaging to U.S. Retail Shelves

New Earthpack® bags do all kinds of good

Sustainable packaging has an economical and practical solution in Earthpack®, the paper and bamboo bag that has taken the European market by storm. Already on the shelves of major retail chains in France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany, it is now finding its way into retailers across the United States thanks to the visionary foresight of Peri & Sons Farms of Yerington, NV.

The Peri & Sons uniquely designed Earthpack® bag is certified biodegradable and compostable – for both industrial and home. “It meets the ultimate aerobic biodegradability in compost according to the requirements established in UNE-EN 13432:2001 and following the technical procedure detailed in UNE-EN ISO 14855-1:2013,” says Marco Bini of Nexxtpack in Exeter, CA. “The packaging supports Zero-Waste initiatives.”

Not only is the bag environmentally friendly, but it is consumer and sales friendly as well. “The large window with bamboo mesh provides ample product visibility,” says Teri Gibson, director of marketing for Peri & Sons Farms. “It’s the type of responsible produce packaging that makes consumers happy today and makes the earth a better place tomorrow. It encourages shopper engagement.”

The highly attractive packaging looks great on retail shelves and will draw the consumer to the product. “The bag displays beautifully and its functional, light-weight design enhances freshness, shelf-life, and safety, all while reducing the impact on the planet,” says Gibson. “It is also a very kid-friendly presentation.”

Fun, eye-catching, educational graphics draw the shopper and educate them on the attributes of both bag and product. “For example, the bag shows consumers they can either compost or recycle,” Gibson.

Peri & Sons Farms uses this new paper/bamboo bag to pack all varieties of its USDA Certified Organic onions. The product has already been introduced to major retailers around the nation. Additionally, other packers have begun testing the solution for different commodities. “The package runs well on automatic equipment at speeds comparable to other packages,” says Bini.

This new packaging is just one more advancement in the legacy of measures undertaken by Peri & Sons Farms to support the earth. “The environmental commitment of Peri & Sons is long-standing,” says Gibson. “Our family farm’s earth-friendly, sustainable practices go back three generations. Long before it was trendy, David Peri understood how the livelihood of the business was directly tied to the health and well-being of the environment.”

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