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With a focus on improving health and well-being, mangos are an excellent item to promote for their nutritional value and delectable flavor. With over twenty vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and folate, mangos are a natural, flavorful superfruit.

Mangos are also poised for growth. According to the National Mango Board, there were year-over-year double-digit increases in mango volume and dollar velocity in 2020.This was partly due to successful omnichannel execution, which allows multiple touchpoints to a consumer between traditional brick-and -mortar stores, e-commerce sales, and social media. An omnichannel approach helps the industry reach consumers whenever and wherever they shop and the trend will continue as e-commerce sales climb.

Pro Merchandising Tips

Build displays with high visibility and foot traffic.
photo courtesy of new seasons market

1. Focus on Quality. This starts by picking at the right time and having control points for warm water bathing and temperature throughout the supply chain.

2. Offer Variety. Options allow you to get creative with price and value offerings for your demographic:

• Present multiple varieties between yellow, red, and green.

• Offer tiered pricing between large and small-sized fruit.

• Add multipack options to complement bulk sales.

• Include ripe and ready-to-eat fruit on display.

• Offer made-in-store salsas, juices, or fresh-cut packs.

3. Cross Merchandise. Position mangos with high-volume items where there are cross-shopping opportunities. For instance, beside stone fruit during the summer or with avocado all through the year. You can also cross merchandise with salsa items for game day, with citrus and tequila for Cinco de Mayo promotions, even as a tasty grilling item for skewers. Mangos are highly versatile.

Be sure to merchandise fresh-cut mango as a convenience for your shoppers.

4. Location Matters. Mangos should not be viewed as an exotic item. Build displays in areas of better visibility and foot traffic. Move mangos around and give them room to grow. Secondary displays in bins are also a great way to improve their visibility.

5. Promote Often. Mangos are not a seasonal item. Promote throughout the year to sustain category growth while keeping mangos top of mind.

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Various assets are available from your supply chain partners and the National Mango Board with messages around how to cut, how to select, recipe ideas, and nutrition. These include display bins, display headers, POS signage, and a growing collection of digital collaterals. Ciruli Brothers is helping retailers improve communication to the consumer with new packaging.

Educate shoppers on the ripening stages of mango. Ciruli’s new box has a ripening guide for Champagne mangos built in.

Resources such as these will be useful as online sales grow and there is an increased need to familiarize consumers and personal shoppers with this amazing fruit.

Take advantage of a variety of available resources for POS and handling information.

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