Idaho Potato Commission

The Return of the Idaho Potato Field Force

idaho-potato-commission-logoObjectives: The trade initiative aimed to increase retailer support for Idaho potatoes, thus driving volume and growing the potato business throughout the country while reinforcing and expanding the reputation of Idaho potatoes as America’s highest quality.

Campaign: The Return of the Idaho Potato Field Force campaign was launched in October 2015 and ran through June 2016. Humorous Comic Book-themed materials featuring Idaho Potato Promotion Directors in superhero costumes swooping to the rescue of produce retailers builds camaraderie and reminds them that the Promotion Directors are always here to help “save the day” by increasing sales and profits. A double-page spread kicked off the campaign, followed by seven different full page print advertisements that appeared in retail trade publications; plus teaser ads. The ads also were transformed into online banners to generate as much play as possible.

Results: The response from produce managers, senior category managers and retail advertising/marketing managers was positive. The campaign dramatically improved Idaho’s reach to the trade through a consistent, integrated approach and a touch of humor. The Return of the Idaho Potato Field Force has been an overwhelming success, with Managers contacting Promotion Directors just to discuss and laugh about the campaign featuring them dressed in superhero tights while ordering Idaho Potatoes for their stores.