Potatoes and Onions: Partners Through Time

Health Advantages for Perfect Promotions

Promoting potatoes’ nutritional benefits can also increase sales. In a shopper intercept study, two out of three shoppers stated they would be more likely to buy fresh potatoes after learning about their nutritional values, says Kathleen Triou, president and chief executive of San Francisco-based Fresh Solutions Network. “This is an area that cannot be overdone,” she says. “Reinforcing potatoes’ excellent nutritional benefits are known to enhance sales and overall satisfaction with the product.”

The health and flavor benefits are an easy sell for consumers looking to prepare tasty food without salt and cholesterol, says Marty Kamer, president of Greencastle PA-based Keystone Fruit Marketing, a division of Los Angeles-based Progressive Produce.   Retailers can help increase sales through in-store demos where shoppers are selected to participate and through new recipes. Supermarkets should also tout onions’ nutrition, quality and flavor.

“Sweet onions are a perfect promotion item for inclusion in a wide range of recipes,” says Kamer. “Many promotions target the consumer, displaying tips on how to use onions to include recipes when possible. Use effective point-of-purchase materials and signage that help showcase the nutritional benefits and outstanding flavor of high-quality sweet onions.”