Produce Quiz Winner: NICHOLAS SPEAR

QA Produce Inspector
Sysco Chicago, Inc.
Crystal Lake, IL

Nicholas Spear, of Crystal Lake, IL, just began his career at Sysco Chicago Inc. as a quality assurance produce inspector in June 2023, but he is not new to the produce industry.

Before working for Sysco, he was a safety inspector for Northern Inspection Services. He also worked for Fresh Thyme as a produce supervisor.

“My experience with both roles as an inspector, and a background in produce, ultimately led me to the QA position with Sysco. I am enjoying my new position with Sysco, as it presents new challenges, and I am excited for what the future holds,” says Spear.

He says his typical day will vary based on inbound truckloads with produce product. “We are working on streamlining a first-in, first-out protocol with our warehouse management system to maintain accurate and overall fresh inventory,” he says.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and trying new recipes with his fiancé and “reading Produce Business, of course!”

When asked what he likes most about Produce Business he says, “I really enjoy the extra pieces of information you learn about produce products. Every issue has something you can take away from it and apply in a real-life scenario.”

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