Produce Quiz Winner: OSCAR GARCIA

Backhaul Direct
Global Sales Executive
Indianapolis, IN

Oscar Garcia began his career in sales more than 30 years ago. He says he believes that performing at multiple sales levels has led him to where he is today.

Today, he is the global sales executive for Backhaul Direct in Indianapolis, IN. Backhaul Direct is a 3PL provider, evolving since 2004, from a small startup to a major domestic and international logistics provider.

“‘Gorilla’ sales, direct and indirect cold calling, leveraging connections and traveling, both domestically and internationally, have all contributed to land me in the sales role I am currently in,” says Garcia.

Garcia says his typical day as a global sales executive involves a daily hands-on deck approach. “We’re prioritizing sales and prospecting strategies, which help me connect and build rapport faster with new potential customers, whether they may be a cold, warm or hot lead, all the way to networking or vetted referrals,” he says.

“This challenging executive position brings out the best of you at all levels. Seasoned sales skills and expertise, combined with experience, are a must-have if you want to keep up and be successful in this industry,” he continues.

When Garcia isn’t networking, selling or prospecting, he plays soccer and enjoys stationary biking. “Love my Peloton,” says Garcia.

Garcia also likes to watch movies and spend time with his family.

When asked what Garcia likes most about Produce Business, he says he likes it “because it has a nice global approach. I can see what is happening produce-wise around the world.”


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