Masters of Merchandising: SUNKIST



Citrus is a staple in the produce department, and shoppers continue to explore the expanding variety available year-round from navels to mandarins to specialty products. Collaborated merchandising efforts with a trusted supplier, such as Sunkist, will yield even greater citrus sales.


There are many promotional opportunities when displaying citrus. Take advantage of Sunkist’s wide array of retail marketing programs, including sampling, digital coupons, high-graphic secondary display bins and in-store point of sale materials that highlight flavor profiles, nutritional benefits and recipes to build awareness, drive trial and increase sales.

Engage with consumers and educate them on the taste, quality and versatility of Sunkist citrus varieties through Sunkist’s flavor-forward displays and packaging.
Use Sunkist’s newly released Blood Orange consumer carton, along with a wide variety of square bins to open up cross-promotion opportunities for retailers. This approach helps increase selling space within a small footprint while promoting 2- and 3-pound bags. We have the ability to cater to our customers’ unique needs, and we take this customizable approach to drive demand.


Place an added emphasis on Category Management. Through our Category Management program, Sunkist is able to stay on top of consumer trends as they relate to our citrus categories, packaging solutions and benchmarking opportunities for our partners.


• Use high-graphic secondary display bins together to create a citrus destination in the produce department.

• Cross-merchandise citrus with other complementary items including seafood and liquor products.

• Educate shoppers on citrus flavor profiles, nutritional benefits and recipes to drive sales with channel rails, clip cards, posters and more.

• Promote specialty citrus items, such as Cara Cara navel oranges, blood oranges and Minneola tangelos, to increase purchase intent through various activities, not limited to sampling, display contests and coupons.

• Engage with shoppers online through social media, digital outreach and loyalty programs to boost consumer interest.

Across the sunny citrus groves of California and Arizona, Sunkist Growers, Inc. is an agricultural cooperative owned by and operated for the family of farmers who make up its membership. Sunkist reflects the values of its 128-year history, with traditional growing practices, stewardship of natural resources, and a dedication to innovation. Sunkist offers 40 varieties of fresh citrus, and its growers – large and small – work to offer quality fruit that consumers enjoy worldwide.


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