Produce Business Quiz Winner: DODIE GAUGER

Sales/Food Safety
Classic Yam Inc.
Livingston, CA

Finding loyal, long-term employees can be challenging, especially in today’s labor market. It is evident that this issue’s PB Quiz winner, Dodie Gauger, not only loves working in sales and food safety at Livingston, CA-based Classic Yam Inc., but is dedicated to the produce industry, as well. “I’ve worked at the company 25 years this January, and I’ve always worked in sales and food safety,” she says.

A grower/shipper/packer of sweet potatoes, Classic Yam has been in business just as long, 25 years, and is run by fifth generation farmers who take pride in their product. “I reach out all over the country and into Canada in my sales position,” Gauger explains. “We take a lot of pride in the products we put out, and we have a great reputation and excellent pack and product.”

Gauger takes just as much pride in her family as she does her long-term employer. This includes her husband of 13 years Richard, daughters Sheila and Jennifer, grandsons Corey and Tucker and great grandchild on the way.

When she’s not working, Gauger enjoys taking long weekends and vacations camping. “We recently purchased a pull-behind trailer so we can easily take off for trips,” she says. “This is the best and most relaxing activity that I enjoy, especially during these hard times with COVID. We can be out in the fresh air, spending quality time together.”

Gauger anticipates the arrival of Produce Business in her mailbox each month and makes it a point to read every issue. “I make sure no one from work takes it home, because I read the magazine to stay up on the labels inside,” she says. “It is a great way to keep current on what’s going on.” She especially enjoys articles on food safety and enjoys the wide range of information. “I’ve gotten great recipe ideas from reading the articles; they are amazing.”


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