The 2017 New York Food Scene

Blossom Restaurant

Address: 187 9th Ave., New York, NY 10011
Phone Number: (212) 627-1144
Hours Of Operation: Varies
Type Of Cuisine: Upscale Vegan, Kosher

Blossom Restaurant

All Photos Courtesy of Blossom Restaurant

The Blossom restaurant group includes two upscale vegan locations that also are kosher. The flagship Blossom Restaurant opened in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood in 2005; an expansion opened Blossom on Columbus in 2014. Founded by Ronin Seri and Pamela Blackwell, the restaurants reflect both the pair’s care about animals and animal welfare and their pursuit of tasty health-conscious dining. Veganism was less popular at the time so Seri and Blackwell created an upscale menu that could be enjoyed by not only vegans and vegetarians but all diners.

Each location offers its own dining atmosphere. The intimate Chelsea restaurant is on the ground floor of a historic townhouse. Blossom on Columbus is open and airy; with more complete bar offerings.

“We source our fruits and vegetables from New York City-based distributors that work with local farms, with a focus on organic and natural produce,” says Alex Etling, a spokesperson for Blossom. “Currently, we work with about eight or so distributors. One of our proudest partnerships is with Ace Natural, which supplies some of our produce and many of our natural and organic specialty ingredients.” Beet Carpaccio SaladBlossom shops at the Union Square Greenmarket and farmers market on Columbus Avenue when looking for fresh produce in smaller amounts to test out new dishes.

Dishes both highlight vegetables and use them to mimic the flavor and/or texture of animal products. Trumpet mushroom “scallops” are served in a porcini mushroom reduction, alongside creamy polenta and sautéed spinach. The popular Caesar salad is topped with toasted capers and shiitake bacon. One section of the menu called “In Bloom,” offers a seasonal selection of vegetable dishes, recently a roasted grape tomato bruschetta, pesto pasta with morel mushrooms, a tempura-style stuffed poblano pepper, and cauliflower risotto. Pizza toppings range from traditional tomato sauce to wild mushroom with arugula, escarole, and avocado, to Brussels sprouts with zucchini, tomatoes, and hummus. Side dishes reflect an Italian influence – garlic spinach, sautéed kale, and sautéed broccoli rabe. The brunch menu is filled with vegan counterparts to such classic dishes as eggs Florentine and Benedict (with tofu in place of eggs), French toast, and a breakfast burrito.