California Avocado Commission


californiaavocadoslogoObjectives: Encourage retailers to be a part of Super Bowl “buzz” without the enormous expense of advertising. Garner significant awareness of and engagement with California avocados during the Super Bowl period. Connect with big food and beverage brands advertising during the Super Bowl to include California Avocados in their social conversations.

Campaign: California Avocado Commission’s (CAC) #BigGameAdd program interjected California avocados into the very active social media conversations surrounding the Super Bowl. Recipes were offered along with recipe preparation videos integrating California avocados with food and beverage brands advertising during the Super Bowl. The CAC engaged in significant digital and social media activity including teaser posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Targeted retailer support was included. (Think Doritos nachos topped with avocados or avocado chocolate and candybar cookies with flavor inspiration from Butterfinger.) California avocado season was just beginning, so distribution and retail promotion were tightly focused to accounts merchandising the fruit.

Results: The campaign was groundbreaking for the CAC with an 876 percent increase in impressions, and that number doubled with engagement. There was a 553 percent increase in brand mentions. With the 662 total media posts, the potential audience impressions was 2.7 million. The 180,587 social media engagements generated a 13.3 percent engagement rate.